The first three days

Greetings BusiChics, pardon my getting a little “Dear Diary” on you but it’s day 3 of my free agent life and I’ve been running around town like a mad woman!

Here’s a little snippet of some of the highlights so far:

The Drawing Room

Drawing Room 11 Nov 10


Photo: Yishan Chan

Wonderful Louisa Claire over at Brand Meets Blog birthed an idea that she has had for over a year now, The Drawing Room.

It is a meeting of women who work in social media and most importantly, set at a time that mums can leave the house or those of us who aren’t in the CBD, can get to without a mad rush.

Louisa asked me to be the first speaker at The Drawing Room which was held at wonderful Milk the Cow – only the most magical wine and cheese joint in town! Above is a snap that event photographer Yishan Chan took of me practising my calligraphy by writing the placecards.

It was a lovely event and great to see and in some cases finally meet a bunch of women who I have been following on Twitter for like Karan over at Pod Legal as well as Carly Findlay and Dannielle Cresp.

See more photos from the event over on Yishan’s new blog,, as she transitions from beauty blogger to photographer!

And if you are interested in starting your own blog or know someone who has a great idea, I believe seats are still available at my Blogging for Beginners class tomorrow night!


Melbourne in Fashion podcast

melbourne in fashion swoon boutique


It is episode 5 and Meagan Harding and I stopped by one of our very favourite boutiques, Swoon, 109 Auburn Road, Hawthorn.

The podcast is available on iTunes or listen directly through this link.

Note: I talk about a necklace that I plan on buying after the podcast which you can see me wearing the necklace in the first photo in this post 😉

Realising that I now get to wear the shoes that I want to, all day.

It’s “Sprinter” in Melbourne – a term that Meagan Harding used in her post about What to Wear when Spring Acts like Winter.

Oddly enough, now that I don’t have to wear office-friendly shoes, I’ve been getting about in a totally Sprinter combination of socks and water-resistent shoes from Melissa! They’re plastic, fun and fantastic, waterproof and garner lots of complements. I like the wider styles but am greatly tempted to pair a cute pair of socks with these ice-cream heels designed by Karl Lagerfeld!

karl lagerfeld melissa ice cream shoes

Freelance/creative people get to work some cray cray shoes. Would you get away with these in your office?


Planning our wedding

Who knew that wedding planning could be so much fun? So far we’ve planned a fair bit of our big day with lots of help from the internets – how good are blogs like Hello May and Polka Dot Bride?

I’ve also identified the bits that we can learn to do ourselves like calligraphy and flower arranging – things I’ve always wanted to learn myself. Thanks to Dawn Tan for the heads up on The Flower Recipe book that I’ve just ordered so I can start practising arrangements to see if I can make something appropriately ridiculous for our big day!

In the meantime I’m loving this Pozible campaign to help you and your sweetie give each other massages after a long day at work!:

The NGV Double-Pass giveaway

It’s not all about me  – lots of you seem to agree that this is the perfect season to take in a fashionable exhibition like the Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion which is on now at NGV Melbourne.

I’m pleased to announce the random winners of the 2 x double passes to this exhibition are Eloise Z. and Jess H. !

Stay tuned to your inboxes ladies on how you will get your tickets to visit the Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion and attend talks by Paola Di Trocchio, Assistant Curator, Fashion and Textiles and Bronwyn Cosgrove, Senior Conservator, Textiles !


Now over to you, BusiChic. How’s your work week going? How are you coping with this topsy-turvy weather? Do you have any style questions that I can assist with? Write me!

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