Mark Bouris at Business Chicks

Greetings BusiChic I hope that you are well and doing better than I am – I’ve come down with the worst cold I’ve had in a long time! That said, right up until I got sick, I was out and about getting out to all sorts of fun work things! The wonderful Valerie Khoo invited me as her guest to attend a Business Chicks‘ networking breakfast where Mark Bouris was speaking. Yes he of The Apprentice (the Australian edition) and Wizard Homeloans.  I’ve always enjoyed watching Bouris on The Apprentice but was surprised by his presence in real life. The man has SUCH presence and boy, does he know how to cut it in an Armani suit!

Mark Bouris Business Chicks

Mark Bouris, sharp in Armani, on stage at Business Chicks breakfast in Melbourne.

Business Chic Mark Bouris

The takeaways from Mark Bouris

BusinessChicks have an excellent post on their site wrapping up Bouris’ talk that I recommend you look up (the site was down for me at the time of writing this post). The one thing that resonated with me the most is how to answer the question “what business are you in?” Bouris’ shared an anecdote where Kerry Packer asked this question and added, “don’t answer f@k*&ng homeloans.” He told Bouris that he was in the business of making dreams and hopes come true. I admire this bigger picture view that has the effect of adding meaning and significance to our work. I hope to be in the business of helping people realise how awesome they are and that it’s not too late to make the lives that we want. What are you in the business of?

What to wear when presenting

Some observations on Bouris’ presentation attire and what we can learn: When presenting, most stylists will advise wearing colours that don’t clash or fade into the background. Often however, it’s difficult to know what colour background you will be presenting in front of. You could ask the event organiser or start by avoiding the colours used by the group you’re speaking for (in the case of Business Chicks, their colour is red) as well as their major sponsors. Most stylists I know also advise against wearing black as it can be quite harsh. However I like how Bouris opted for smart Armani suiting, ditching his blazer a few moments into the presentation to reveal a sharply-cut white shirt that also helped people at the back of the room see him better. Remember however that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and on-your-game in the outfit that you’ll be presenting – and representing yourself – in. What you are wearing, your posture and body language will set the tone but its your presentation that needs to impress.

Valerie Khoo and guests Business Chicks

Happy snap: some of our table at the Business Chicks brekkie! Thanks Val!

L-R: Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids, Terri Ann Daniels from Microfunding, our host Valerie Khoo, Jasmin Tragas, (back) Scott Kilmartin, Steve Sammartino and Raoul Oaida I had the chance to photograph Mark – big thanks to the great team at Business Chicks who responded to me so quickly! Sadly however I’m not thrilled with the photos that I took and there’s no one else to blame but myself. A good reminder that this summer I’ll be working on my photography and towards a new camera and some lenses. Many thanks to co-conspiritor Meagan Harding who has been guiding me with this and to Jasmin Tragas and the team at Digital Photography for the resources to aid my research and upskilling. Wish me luck!   What do you think of Mark Bouris’ presentation attire? What sort of business are you in?  


  1. Didn’t he look dapper in those threads? I’m glad you like the ebooks 🙂 And how funny…I posted a photo of you on my blog today!

    • So dapper – phew!

      Thanks again, lovely! I can’t wait to get into the ebooks 🙂
      And how funny, I’ll go check out your blog now!!

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