Six Business Chic officewear reads – offline and online

The start of the year is my favourite because it’s the time when magazines and online stores publish their back-to-work guides.

In the first BusiChic newsletter that I emailed to subscribers last week (you can read it via the Facebook page or sign up in the side-bar on the blog), I included a list of BusiChic reads that I had come across online. In this post I’m sharing both the offline (magazines) as well as a few more online reads, one that appears to have just gone live today.

If like me, you like few things more than flipping through workwear editorials, sit back and enjoy these:

Back to work stories in Magazine land

Vogue Australia February Cate Blanchett

Vogue Australia’s February issue (Cate Blanchett on the cover) has a desk-to-dinner spread that features the clothes and accessories that Voguettes on the higher end of the pay scale. Typically now that I have left the world of Finance, Vogue has highlighted exactly the kind of suit that I’ve always wanted: a 1940’s-inspired tailored pin-stripe suit that I have decided I’ll work towards anyway! You see the pinstripes make it perfect for corporate gals but the fashionable 40’s cut is also chic enough for those looking to add some polish to their everyday wear.

shop til you drop february 2014 cover

Shop Til You Drop – by the size of the heading on its cover, I thought that the fortnightly magazine had dedicated an entire issue to workwear fashion but just so you know – it’s just a spread, rather than the whole mag.

Every month Cosmo magazine includes a spread showing how their staff have styled key pieces for the month. In my opinion the February edition had some of the most appealing pieces yet – trendy enough for the fashion office but timeless enough for workers on a budget.

February issues of these magazines are on sale now! Have you come across any other articles on work wear fashion?

Online back-to-work stories

In the BusiChic newsletter I highlighted Trendhunter’s slideshow showing 31 Chic Officewear styles and at the height of the heatwave which past through Australia last week, Nikki Parkinson over at Styling You blogged Summer Work Style.

ASOS back to work guide

Online retailer ASOS just published their Back to Work guide which features styles that can be worn to work which are generally under $100AUD. The styles are targeted at those who are starting out in the workplace, say interning at somewhere creative or in a relaxed Business Casual dresscode. If you are in a more formal environment, do proceed with caution.

Case-in-point the split-front-skirt –

ASOS split front skirts

The first two styles (from left to right) could be styled to push the office dresscodes boundaries a little, while the mini skirt would be going too far for the workplaces I’ve been employed in to date!

Have you come across any great work wear guides of late? Let me know if you’ve written a post yourself!



  1. I like the ASOS suggestions of a pencil skirt with an interesting top. Very simple, but can be dressed up for work.

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