Coffee with Mr Shirts

I enjoy coffee and the chance to pick the brains of people who are doing interesting things in the word. So today I bring you the first of a series of coffee catch-ups I’ve been having with some great BusiChics! I’ll be honest and tell you that Melbourne’s recent spate of crazy hot/crazy wet weather has made it difficult for me to photograph people in the usual street style – so I’d love to hear what you think about this new series!

Have you heard about Mr Shirts?

Mr Shirts business card

Last year, the wonderful Karla Dawes (who I featured in this post) asked me whether I’d heard of Mr Shirts – a new online store featuring quality men’s business shirts. My fiance was travelling for work at the time (sorry hunny!) so instead of getting him to test run a shirt, we ran a giveaway where one lucky BusiChic won and sampled the bounty. And what fine bounty he reported it being – arriving promptly at his office in an impressive box that signposted the high quality of its contents. Don’t you love receiving online purchases at work? And when they come in a nice packaging- well doesn’t it just enhance the nature of online shopping from being simply convenient to being a luxurious experience? Or am I the only one who appreciates nice packaging?!

I know that Chris Buchanan shares my appreciation of fine packaging because he’s the creator of Mr. Shirts and had those boxes custom-made to his specs. After a decade of working in the retail industry, Buchanan decided to create something different: a brand that offers real quality to consumers – and by utilising an online-only model – at affordable prices. Check out the result here:

Coffee with Chris Buchanan of Mr. Shirts


Chris Buchanan hands

Chris Buchanan coffee 1

Chris Buchanan coffee

What do you wear to impress in a meeting?

A smile. Nothing beats being genuine, authentic and present. You could turn up in a paper bag and no one would notice. That said, whatever you wear, make sure it is clean: press that shirt, shine those shoes, buff those cufflinks and don’t forget a very ‘light’ dash of fragrance.

Your go-to brands for workwear? Suits, accessories and shoes?

It is my good fortune that I travel internationally for work and can pick up designer brands at affordable prices in their local markets. Currently I am wearing:

Suits: DIOR slim fit
Shoes: Saint Laurent classic lace up

What are your favourite ways of styling a shirt for work? 

This all depends on the situation:

Board meeting: buttoned up collar, tie, cufflinks with suit
Meetings: unbuttoned collar, no tie, buttoned single cuff, no jacket
Office: untucked, unbuttoned, cuffs rolled and paired with jeans.

Colour-combinations that work for you? i.e. when deciding on suit, shirt, tie? 

The colour palette always revolves around the suit. I currently have two suits on rotation: navy and black. Now, I have been spotted wearing multiple shades of blue (in terms of suits, shirt and tie) but I should point out that I am not a 50 shades of grey type of guy. Therefore my black suit is always paired with a crisp white poplin or my current favourite, the MR SHIRTS 120s Sky Blue Poplin.

Favourite skincare/hair products?

Kiehl’s & Aesop have crashed the party and are not letting anyone else in.

Chris Buchanan smile

Best place to grab a coffee in Melbourne/Sydney? 

This one is easy. When at home in Sydney, I have the luxury of being a towel flick away from Bondi’s ICEBERGS terrace café.
The coffee is perfect, the view priceless and they always have the full range of Orchard St cold pressed fresh juices!

Favourite accommodation when travelling for business? 

Japan: cerulean tower, shibuya
New York: Standard Hotel above the High Line

Most useful apps on your phone?

I use the HTC One Mini in black – it’s got good battery life a great aesthetic. Apps I use include, WorldMate – it synchs into the global aviation system and will alert you to changes to your flight before the airlines do. Shazam is to die for and FlipperGram is great to combine images to create a movie.

Chris Buchanan HTC One

Favourite quote?

At Mr Shirts we don’t shirt around; it won’t cost you the shirt off your back, we just want to put the best one on it – MR SHIRTS


Chris Buchanan Mr Shirts white


Chris Buchanan Mr Shirts headshot

Chris Buchanan of Mr. Shirts.


Thanks Chris – love your answers! – bookmark this site – if you are looking for a quality shirt at Boxing Day Sale prices (but all year round) – look no further!

I actually went to uni with Chris (small world, Melbourne!) so it was very interesting to hear what he’s been upto since Info Sys! I’ve got some more of these coffee dates lined up, so let me know what you think of this new interview format.

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