BYT HealthyBYTe launch

Dear corporate event organisers,

“Healthy” does not have to be just another fruit salad or platter of six-inch salad rolls.

The immensely clever and tasteful folk at Bright Young Things have launched “HealthyBYTe” an ongoing collaboration with leading nutritionist, Emma Stirling, of Scoop Nutrition. The result is healthy catering that uses seasonal produce to create mindful, nourishing and feel good food – without compromising on style or taste.

Imagine, an event where people can actually enjoy the food without having to worry about excessive kilojoules, fructose, lactose or sodium! Here are photos from the launch featuring some of the most delightful chicken sandwiches I’ve ever spied at an event – plus they are gluten-free, lactose-free and fructose-friendly!

byt Healthy Byte Bloody Mary _BusiChic

Healthy Byte team_BusiChic

The HealthyBYTe team: BYT Director Kate Stewart, nutritionist Emma Stirling APD and BYT Creative Producer Rocco Trimboli.


Byt Healthy Byte launch

Byt Healthy Byte Bircher Muesli

Byt Healthy Byte fruit salad

Byt Healthy Byte garden juice _BusiChic

Byt Healthy Byte chicken sandwiches

HealthyBYTe chicken sandwiches are gluten-free, lactose-free and fructose-friendly!

Byt Healthy Byte kim chi pancakes

Byt Healthy Byte Raw-e-o _BusiChic

Health by Stealth: these “Raw-e-os” are made using dates and cashew cream amongst other feel-good ingredients!

busichic instagram healthy byte stylemelbourne heidiapples emma stirling

(L-R), Heidi Sze of Apples Under My Bed, Sarah Willcocks of Style Melbourne, yours truly and Emma Stirling APD of Scoop Nutrition.


Find out more at Bright Young Things

 HealthyBYTe on Instagram #healthybyte



PS: Have a great weekend!


  1. So generously lovely of you Cheryl and so genuinely wonderful to have time to chat together. Thanks for all the support.

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