Langston Hues of Modest Street Fashion

This week I had the honour of meeting Detroit streetstyle fashion photographer, Langston Hues, who is travelling the world photographing for his blog and upcoming book, Modest Street Fashion.

Modest fashion focuses on “hijabistas” (think “fashionistas” in hijab!) who practice their faith but also want to show that they can still look good. It’s something that resonates with me a lot. I once had a fall-out with a girlfriend who admonished me at afterwork drinks me saying that as a single woman I should show more skin if I wanted to attract attention. She was just repeating western fashion’s emphasis that we should strive to be “sexy” – something that has never sat quite well with me, particularly in a professional work context!

Langston’s visit timed well with the Immigration Museum’s current fashion exhibition, Faith, Fashion, Fusion, that is on until March 9. I highly recommend that you stop by and take a look (tickets for adults $10) – I found that I was really moved by the stories shared in this exhibition that showcases empowered Muslim women, living their faith, pursuing careers and love for fashion in a western world. “Empowered” is the word that kept going through my mind as I moved throughout the exhibits and I admired the confidence, poise, beauty and sparkle-in-the-eye in each of the portraits shown. This was a surprise to me because when I attended the wonderful Modern Love exhibition in Bendigo recently, the emphasis is more on the clothes and their designers rather than the wearers. As a result the words that kept going through my mind were more along the lines of “that’s rad. ooh sparkly and wow, McQueen was a genius.” I’m interested in the different impressions each exhibition has left on me.

Without further ado, here is a mini photo essay of my time spent shadowing Langston photographing modest fashion on the streets of Melbourne and speaking at the Immigration Museum as part of the Faith, Fashion, Fusion exhibition:

Langston Hues Modest Fashion Melbourne

Modest Fashion streetstyle photographer Langston Hues in Melbourne.

langston hues photographs tasneem chopra

Langston Hues photographs Tasneem Chopra, curator of the Melbourne component of Faith, Fashion, Fusion.

Langston Hues and Tasneem Chopra

Faith, Fashion, Fusion exhibition on at the Immigration Museum until March 9, 2014. 
faith fashion fusion immigration museum

faith fashion fusion q and a

The Faith, Fashion and Fusion Q&A featuring The Hijab Stylist, Tasneem Chopra and Langston Hues of Modest Fashion.

BusiChic Amanda Langston Hues Cheryl

The winner of the BusinessChic newsletter giveaway – Amanda and I with Langston. Make sure that you sign up for you chance to win other giveaways!

faith fashion fusion exhibition 1

Image from the Faith, Fashion and Fusion exhibition on at Melbourne Museum until March 9.

faith fashion fusion exhibition 2 faith fashion fusion exhibition 3 faith fashion fusion exhibition 4

 Stay tuned over the coming weeks as I share my photos of some of the business chic hijabistas in attendance!

Many thanks to Jareen and Anna Barnes at Immigration Museum for getting me involved – I feel like I got to witness something really beautiful.


Langston Hues is on Twitter and Instagram: @langstonhues

Tasneem Chopra is on Instagram: @tassafierce

Immigration Museum is @immigration_mv on Twitter and hashtag #immigrationmuseum on instagram

Modest Fashion

Faith, Fashion, Fusion exhibition is on at the Immigration Museum until March 9 and is part of the official Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) Cultural Program.


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