Lover the label: La Femme collection


Labels have started releasing collections for Autumn so to help you plan any wardrobe updates for the season, I’ll be sharing my picks for BusiChics:Lover La Femme business chic


Now that I’ve quit my day job in Corporate, designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand of Lover have released their La Femme collection, comprised of beautifully tailored shapes that are as fashionable as they are timeless – everything I look for in workwear!

The Business Chic selection of Lover’s La Femme collection

The silhouette of the white suit is perfect if like me, you like definition at the waist – although I would get this in the navy pinstripe fabric to create a sharp but still conservative look for important meetings. Both the trousers and the jacket would mix in well with my existing wardrobe of pencil skirts and chic lace tops.

The jumpsuit is for the office fashionista who can get away with injecting some extra flair, just make sure to wear a top underneath for extra modesty. For a more convenient option, recreate the look using matching trousers and a vest. Have I told you that I’m sensing a return to vests? If you are feeling it too, look for fitted styles that sit close to your body. In fact I plan to start scouring the op-shops until I start seeing them back in mainstream stores.

That black dress is great for days in the office when you need to get things done then head out to an intellectually-stimulating do like the opening of an art show. I’m already keeping an eye out for Melbourne Museum’s Smart Bar series to start up again for 2014- click here to see my photos from last year’s series.

That vibrant blue top because it will add needed colour in the coming grey days plus the more usual white lace top attracts make-up as easily as it is tricky to keep bright-white. Plus imagine how beautifully this colour will contrast against a backdrop of red and gold leaves in Autumn. A stunning transeasonal pleaser that will work well with existing skirts and pants.



See the rest of the collection at Lover the label. The online shop is set to re-open later this month and while prices won’t be cheap, their fabrications and quality justify the investment.

What do you want to wear to work this Autumn? 

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