Nobody tells beginners…

So 2014 is well and truly underway and if you’re anything like me – frustration is already creeping in a little! Are you like me in the way that we know what we want to achieve but there’s THIS GAP in terms of resources. Whether that’s time, money, resources or the most frightening of all – talent – there seem to be lots of reasons why we aren’t where we already want to be and why we may never actually get there. eep… which is where this excerpt from the great Ira Glass of This American Life comes in handy.

Ira Glass Quote Good Enough

If you like this quote, Cintia over at My Poppet wrote this post about not feeling good enough creatively which I was so surprised by because I think she is BRILLIANT!

My biggest issue at the moment is “having the time” to work on BusinessChic. I got rid of the day job but then who knew that wedding planning would be so time-consuming?! That said wonderful Kelly Exeter shares her philosophy on making the most of the time – any time- in her new book, Your Best Year Yet.  So now I’m making sure that every time I start feeling frustrated, I stop and redirect that energy to what I need to get done. Less excuses, more results.

So today I’ll be publishing a new BusinessChic newsletter so make sure that you’re signed up for a great giveaway featuring street style photographer, Langston Hues, who will be speaking at Melbourne Museum next week. I’ll also be shadowing Hues who is town photographing for his upcoming book, Modest Fashion, so stay tuned!

 How’s the start of 2014 been for you? 



  1. I am going to blog my thoughts about Cintia’s post too! It’s so hard when we’re trying to be creative with limited time on our hands … we will always feel like we are falling short of our own standards. But the truth is … even if we had all the time in the world we will still feel like we are falling short. And this is something we need to learn to manage (our expectations of ourselves!)


    • So true- I think that you and Cintia are brilliant and am surprised to see that you have these frustrations too- which I thing goes to show that the biggest competitor any of us have is in each if our own heads. I’m looking forward to your post, Kelly!

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