What’s in my shopping cart

The beauty of working freelance now is being able to wear whatever I like – particularly a whole number of items that could also appear on a list of things I would not have ever worn in my previous corporate life! In fact, I just might create a series around each of these outfits and items explaining why say, maxi dresses, are wonderful summer weekend wear but too casual for work.

However this week I surprised myself by buying a brand new suit for around $50 on ASOS. It’s  a pinstripe number which in that sense reminds me of the Lover suit I harped on about here; but also Stella McCartney’s boxy, navy pinstripe silhouette from a few season’s back. I plan on teaming the skirt with tank tops, jumpers and accessorising with boots, hats and scarves as the weather gets cooler. The jacket on the other hand, will go well with existing pants in my wardrobe and I can’t wait to try see if I can belt it..


ASOS Premium Blazer in Pinstripe  $36

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Pinstripe  $24

On my wishlist at the moment are some decidedly more fun accessories:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Olive Raised Dog iPad Case

Elke Kramer Rapture Ring

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Print Taupe Wedge Trainers  – and yes, in case you are wondering, I want to wear these with this suit!

Could you get away with any of these at your work? and would you want to?!

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