His ring by A.L.I.Alexander Jewellery at Lord Coconut

Dearest BusiChic,

I’ve been debating whether to write here about my upcoming wedding that is actually coming up pretty soon! Tim and I have each been so busy with work and planning the big event that sometimes I have to stop and take a moment to realise what we’re actually doing! So it was one Saturday that we decided to start looking for the ring to seal my end of the deal for Tim.

Our very first stop was Lord Coconut. Tucked away in Carlow House on Flinders Lane, I knew that Tim would appreciate this wonderful store full of collectibles and locally-made accessories. Lord Coconut, aka Mark Boldiston, was on hand to help us through the collection that ranges from classic-with-a-twist to the very unique. I thought that Lord Coconut was a good place for us to start looking for Tim’s “forever” ring but one stood out to him such that we locked things in there and then.

Lord Coconut, aka Mark Boldiston, on Level 4 of Carlow House at 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Mark started telling us about the maker of Tim’s ring, one Alison Alexander of A.L.I.Alexander Jewellery whom I recalled meeting while I was doing The Little Black Dress Project (see me wearing one of her pieces in week 36 of the project!). Ali makes the rings in her apartment on Spring Street and has the ring cast on Collins street – all within walking distance of where Tim and I are getting married. It was all a bit too perfect for us!

So one morning, I set out with a block of vanilla slice, cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake to visit Alison and watch her make Tim’s ring.


a.l.i.Alexander workspace 3
a.l.i.Alexander workspace 1
a.l.i.Alexander workspace 4

a.l.i.Alexander workspace 5
a.l.i.Alexander workspace 7

a.l.i.Alexander workspace 6

a.l.i.Alexander workspace 8

a.l.i.Alexander workspace 9

I was so engrossed in conversation with Ali that I forgot to take her portrait – next time please!

Thank you Mark and wonderful Alison for making our wedding band purchase so memorable!




  1. So happy to play a small part in your wedding day. I hope Tim enjoys the ring every day for the rest of your lives together.

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