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Dearest BusiChics,

Apologies for going MIA over the last week or so!


VAMFF_2014_Target Runway

Front row at VAMFF! Thanks to Meagan Harding Photography for these photos!

VAMFF_2014_Target-588 VAMFF_2014_Target-628

VAMFF 2014

I arrived back in Melbourne and slipped straight into VAMFF 2014 which I was podcasting for Melbourne in Fashion. This meant lots of running around, interviewing designers, photographers and show attendees. I loved chatting to Xiaohan from xssat street fashion who was in town photographing for a number of publications – as well as her own beautiful blog. Not to mention all of the wonderful designers I had to summon up vast amounts of courage to speak to – and all of whom were incredibly gracious despite my stammering. What professionals! – them, not me 😉

I did find a lot of Business Chic on the runway and am working on a series of posts that will go live over the coming weeks – lots of inspo for Autumn/Winter wardrobes coming your way! If there’s anything that you’re looking for in particular, let me know and I might just be able to point you in the right direction.


Can you see me here amongst the judges? Over the weekend I ducked in to judge She Hacks 2014.

She Hacks 2014

Towards the end of the runway shows, I ducked away to judge, She Hacks. Organised in Melbourne by Girl Geek Dinners, the first girls hackathon was a hit. For those who don’t know, I studied Information Systems at uni and wish that She Hacks was around in my day! The event brings like-minded individuals together, who receive mentoring then work in groups to identify a problem then prototype and where possible, build a solution. There was such a great energy in the room and I was so inspired by the 11 presentations we assessed that I left this event inspired to brush up my coding and database skills so that I could go and build apps!

Wedding planning

“things that you could normally do in your sleep suddenly feel very, very hard.” – Esme and the Laneway

Good golly, we’re less than 20 days away from our big day and there is still a lot to do! I confess that I had a bit of a meltdown this morning so it was so timely to come across this post by Marianne from Esme and the Laneway on what she learnt from planning her own wedding. Thanks for the wisdom, M!

And more!

And stay tuned because I’ve just interviewed Anna Baird, founder of Bared Footwear, and I can’t wait to share the interview and podcast with you and Melbourne in Fashion listeners! Regular BusiChics will know how passionately I feel about stylish shoes that are good for your feet so it was wonderful to get to speak with this podiatrist-turned-shoe-designer about what she’s doing to help us look after our feet (and not to mention backs, necks and spine!) in style!

How’s your week going? Have you done the wedding planning thing and have any tips and advice for me?

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