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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Christy Tania,  the Head Chef of ‘Om Nom’ the specialty dessert restaurant at Adelphi hotel. That’s right, a whole restaurant space dedicated to desserts! It was a timely meeting for me considering I’d left my IT/Finance career to pursue my own creative interests and I left feeling pretty inspired by her example.

Business Chic Christy Tania Om Nom Masterchef

Pastry artist and head chef of dessert restaurant ‘Om Nom’, Christy Tania, with her energy drink of choice: mango juice + lemonade!

Don’t take no for an answer. Even if the voice in your head is telling you ‘no'”

Tania was in her 20s when she left her lucrative role as a Project Manager at IBM and moved to France to study the art of pattiserie. Her parents were shocked, pointing out how hard they had worked so that she could get educated to land her job with a prestigious company. However Tania was determined to turn her passion for baking cakes – she had started a small business on the side of her day job – into a fully-fledged profession.  And it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Studying at the Ducasse Institute Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Pattiserie was an intense experience – learning the French language while putting up with tempers in the kitchen and trying to master new techniques. Life didn’t easier once she graduated and started working at the Ritz in Paris – where perfectionists such as Johnny Depp sent her desserts back to the kitchen! Reflecting on this time, Tania recalls how pursuing her dream often felt like a “nightmare” but she was so determined to learn and master her craft, giving up was not an option. Resilient and a perfectionist herself, Tania is motivated by the word ‘no’. She recalled how when she was in school, she was told not to apply for a prestigious college. The insinuation being that as a female, she wouldn’t be able to get in. Even though she wasn’t sure she even wanted to go to the college, this spurred Tania to prepare the kind of killer application that would eventually win her not only a place but a scholarship at that very school. Later the same kind of determination led to Tania becoming the youngest female Project Manager at IBM. Now that she’s the head of her own kitchen, Tania finds that her biggest challenge is herself. When I asked what keeps her inspired, she says she’s motivated by her own desire to create magical pastries and to just keep being better at her craft. When her head tells her ‘no’, she just keeps on going. Great advice for any pursuit.

Christy Tania on Masterchef

It’s wonderful to see Christy’s artisty recognised on Masterchef Australia – here are some images from tonight’s show!

Head chef Christy Tania Masterchef

Christy Tania flanked by judges, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston on Masterchef Australia.

George Calombaris Christy Tania Masterchef

Om Nom Christy Tania Masterchef dessert

Described by Matt Preston as one of the “most difficult dessert challenges ever” – a creation by Christy Tania.

Images of Om Nom pastry artist, Christy Tania, on Masterchef Australia.

Thank you, Christy for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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