Transparent umbrella and bicycle, Tokyo

Compared with my home-country of Australia, Japan is an incredibly bike-friendly city.

Every where we went, we saw cyclers of all ages sharing foot-paths and roads, interchangeably, with pedestrians and cars/trucks/buses alike. Each were mindful of the other and in our experience as cyclists and pedestrians, things flowed pretty smoothly.

Also smooth was the dressing of many cyclists – simple, every-day clothing as they got about their day. We sighted many, many business folk commuting in suits, skirts and trench-coats. The relatively flat-ness but also narrow or winding nature of the paths means that riders were unlikely to work up much of a sweat.

Case-in-point, this business chic man I photographed at the lights, carrying a signature-transparent-Tokyo umbrella (wish that I could’ve brought one of these home!) – doesn’t he look a picture?

Business Chic man on bicycle Tokyo

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