Wine and my thing about sleeves – BusiChic Outfit Spread

Greetings BusiChic!

I’m back from my honeymoon in spring-time Japan where I had a marvellous time with my husband (!) and even found some time to snap stylish Japanese workers on the commute to work- more of that coming soon as I get to work on editing my photos!

So we’ve returned to autumnal Melbourne where it was 9degrees upon our arrival! And while it is undeniably chilly, I for one love the freshness! I think it’s so nice getting rugged up in a chic way that stays fresh and uncrumpled all day – no more sweltering in the heat- such bliss! So I can’t wait to start hitting the streets later this week to find more business chic on Melbourne’s streets to keep us all inspired on what to wear to work 😉

But for now, I’ve been inspired to whip up a wine-inspired outfit for your workwear consideration. Now we all know that I love a Little Black Dress (LBD) but I don’t think we’ve talked much about my love for sleeves. During VAMFF 2014 where designers showed their ranges for Autumn/Winter, I scanned each show hungrily for sleeves – and was often left unsatiated. Now don’t get me wrong, sleeveless tops and dresses are the ultimate in transeasonal clothing as they can be easily layered or unlayered to suit the season. However I’ve been having this MAJOR craving for tailored sleeves and I blame it all on Victoria Beckham! Season after season (as I stalk on although if I had to choose, her Fall 2012 RTW collection remains one of my favourites to date.) her range of sleek frocks and tops often come with the perfect amount of sleeve – creating such an elegant effect that sleeves are just about ALL I look for when I first walk into a store. Heck I even had sleeves on my main wedding dress! So here dear BusiChics, here’s a cosy little outfit I’ve put together for Business Casual or even dressy Smart Casual workers looking to add an elegant sleeve and a whole lot of style and fun into the work repertoire!

Business Chic Outfit Business Casual

Wine and Sleeves

For this outfit I’ve looked for items that feature wool. Wool has wonderful insulating properties that keep the wearer warm against the chill but is also comfortable to wear inside where the heating is up.

I’ve incorporated a playful raincoat by JBeans that is a steal at $40 and reminds me of the highly coveted Burburry raincoat from their Fall 2011 collection that was most beautifully DIY-ed over at A Pair and a Spare. Because if you like the outfit that you have on, why cover up with a coat?! That this item is plastic means that it is water-resistant and will keep the wearer warm – bonus! Now to find a matching transparent umbrella to match – these are so common in Tokyo and I think are a refreshing and welcoming alternative to non-transparent umbrellas- more on that another time!

And an unexpected setting of pearls – my goodness am I obsessed with pearls at the moment. They are popular in Japan, were imaginatively super-sized by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel recently and add a beautiful glow to the wearer – so I’m on the hunt for all things pearls. I like the way that Melanie Katsalidis has set these – I think she’s created a cerebral/rock-star element that make for a very modern way to wear pearls!

Without further ado, the details:

  • Bul Chi-pa Dress
  • Jbeans Jelly jacket
  • Earrings by Melanie Katsalidis at Pieces of Eight
  • Tightology Harlequin tights – featuring merino wool to keep you warm!
  • Bared Hawk boot – Scandinavian-style boot instantly updates the classic winter wardrobe and while it comes in fail-safe black, I love this wine-colour; so appropriate for the season, non? My husband and I each wore shoes by Bared all over our honeymoon and can attest to the comfort of their unique footbed – great for anyone who wants to look after their feet and still get about in style!

How’s your business chic Autumn/Winter wardrobe going? Any new purchases that you can share with us? What do you have your eye on?



  1. Loving that jacket — I was just looking for one the other day on eBay and not finding much. Thanks!

  2. I think wool is perfect for this time of year! I’m stocking up on a couple of versatile knits to layer up at work and casual 🙂

    • Me too, Andrea! Where are you going to for your pieces? I’ve seen that Portmans and Witchery have their staple merino wool pieces out and just visited Uniqlo yesterday to see their range of cashmere items – a little bit casual but they have some great cashmere-blend scarves that come in different colours and are fun ways of warming up workwear.

  3. I’ve just bought myself a beautiful pair of short black boots from Clarks online, and they’re gorgeous! Wore them to work today for the first time and they were so comfortable and smart. Very happy.

  4. i really admire your taste in clothes. i recently discovered this online boutique from a friend and i’m helping her promote it. Hope you can check it out as well. cheers!!!! 😀 Thanks sooooo very much!!!

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