Autumn tones and a giraffe print scarf

Yellow, brown, orange and red are autumn colours and I wear all of them except for brown. Do you wear brown? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily get clothing at the lighter end of the autumn-tone spectrum like cream and tan and most recently have been making lots of wear out of a new caramel-toned trench coat – but I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to wear brown. Come to think of it, maybe it’s because my primary school uniform was brown AND yellow and goodness, how I couldn’t wait to get to get out of that combo!

However today’s business chic woman got me totally re-thinking the browns – just look at how the lady works it for a Business Casual workplace dresscode:

Business Chic woman shibuya autumn colours

An outfit of only autumnal tones could be a bit blah but this busichic has managed things effectively to avoid that. It has lots of dimension due to her use of two different prints: the giraffe-print scarf and her subtly leopard-print pumps. However, in my opinion, the most brilliant touch is the flash of tomato red at the sleeves and peeking out from the bottom of her cardigan. So wonderful. I have a feeling that her cardigan has this in-built detail – maybe a DIY idea to perk up a tired work staple?

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