Camouflage suit, Ometesando

In the current (2nd) issue of Miss Vogue, there is an interview with street style photographer and contributor, Tommy Ton.

In this interview, Ton says a bunch of things about street style in Japan, which pretty much encapsulate what I expected to find…

“That Westernised mentality of judging people solely based on how they are dressed is so far removed from Japanese culture. That’s why you will witness the most amazing street style in Tokyo.” – Tommy Ton in an interview with Miss Vogue editor, Alice Cavanagh.

I suppose here’s one example of that…

camoflage suit tokyo

A preppy take on camouflage – only in Japan!

I’ve no idea if this guy was actually dressed for work. To me it was far more of a fashion or self-expression look as it is quite exuberant relative to the many other workers I spied, take this fellow in another camouflage jacket for example.

What I’m trying to say, is that I didn’t find the street style overridingly AMAZING when it came to looking for business chic workers. The traditional constraints of the corporate workplace – the force, if you will – is so strong that for the most part workers wear safe boxy black suits. I primarily scouted in the areas of Shibuya and Ometesando where I saw lots of great stylish kids, seas of boxy black suits and only occassionally, a super sharp BusiChic.

Then again on The Design Files last month there was a fabulous interview with Australian illustrator, Grace Lee, who is living in Japan and her outfit was AMAZING.

Have you been to Japan? What did you think of the street style there? Where should I have been photographing?

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