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Long-time readers may recall my excitement when I met one of my heroes, Garance Dore.


The fashion illustrator, street style photographer and star-blogger requires no introduction to many interested in fashion – her work is often featured in magazines offline and online for the likes of net-a-porter and other fashion portals. Her writing (translated from French by her team – that’s right, readers can read Garance en français or English!) is warm and disarmingly charming and intimate- you immediately feel like you’re chatting with a dear friend who is also immensely talented and has access to everyone in the fashion world! Her work showcases stylish women who she captures in beautiful natural light, creating the most divine candid-looking portraits that I’m sure are the way many of us wish we could be photographed!

However of all that she has shared, it’s her personal stories that I love most. Garance generously published a series detailing how she got her first real job (literally because of a pair of boots!) and then how she threw everything in to pursue her dreams to become a fashion illustrator despite never going to illustration school (where you make all of your contacts) and not knowing anyone in the industry. Her story and success was definitely an inspiration to me as I decided to leave my career in Finance/IT to pursue my love for writing, styling and photography.

“When she said, “Yeah, of course!!!” I think I probably had an orgasm.”

– Garance Dore on the first time she met a professional illustrator in real life and realised that it could be something she could pursue.

Career stories on

Now post my wedding, I’m catching up on reading everything on the internet and I was so delighted to see that Garance has dedicated a whole section of her blog to sharing “career stories”. In-depth interviews with stylish workers in the fashion industry and beyond – I unashamedly confess that I wish I could photograph as beautifully – such inspiration to keep honing my craft!

I note how Garance has already evolved the titles for her Career series. At the start it’s “Working girls” which you can see below- I believe she started the series with Preia, who is in charge of public relations for Phillip Lim.

garance dore careers preia

Garance Dore’s interview with working girl Preia, in charge of public relations at Phillip Lim.

The image titles soon evolve from “Working girl” to “Career girl” as shown below with Erin:

garance dore careers erin

However after Wes, the first man featured in Garance’s Career series, it evolves simply into “Career” as shown below with Nina Garcia:

garance dore careers nina garcia

So far the themes have been about about pursuing interests to find one’s chosen career then working hard to succeed in it; all while staying immensely chic, I think  it’s wonderful to see Garance showcase this. This may all sound quite obvious but when I get to sharing with you my thoughts on fashion for working women in Japan – you’ll understand!

Have you come across any BusiChic reads this week?


  1. The phrase Career girl is a lot better than working girl. I find that people have another meaning for “working” girl so career is a must better choice.

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