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Business Insider Australia reported that this week in France, some 20 companies and institutions employing a total of 10,000 people signed up to pay their staff 25 euro cents (34 U.S. cents) per kilometre biked to work. That’s right, French folks are getting paid to ride their bikes to work. It’s all part of a six-month test that aims to boost bicycle use to boost people’s health, reduce air pollution and cut fossil fuel consumption.

In the spirit of this perk and to inspire our Gallic busichics as well any of us thinking about cycling (Aussies, there’s no dinero in it for us yet but locally we can sign up with the Ride 2 Work initiative – the next National Ride2Work Day is on Wednesday 15th October 2014. Registrations open in July and it’s free!), here are my pictures of stylish cyclists I photographed riding around Japan accompanied by some style tips.

Business Chic man bicycle Japan

Tip #1 Cuff your pants so they don’t get caught in the bike spokes or brakes mid-cycle. Tip #1.1 When in doubt, add a bow-tie to gain some instant cute. If you can work that, of course.

Business Chic lady Japan bicycle

Tip #2 Knee-length circle skirts make for good cycle-chic attire as there is enough fabric for modesty but not so much that you need to worry about getting tangled… (see Tip #1)

Cycling man contrast suit

Tip #3 Helmets and backpacks can detract from a smart outfit, click here if you are interested to find out about a product that helps riders avoid helmet hair.

man on bicycle japan

Tip #4 Not worried about your hair? A stylish hat will keep your noggin’ warm. Also see Tip #1.1


Cycling woman Japan beanie

Tip #5 With the age of retirement on the rise, we may all have to cycle to work for a little bit longer so it’s time to train up!


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