What to wear when you’re working from home

Last week I shared what I was going to wear on my first day at work. Well I must I confess that I didn’t end up wearing it because I ended up working from home! That’s the beauty of being freelance; we have the freedom to work from anywhere we like. So then, what to wear when working from home?


I stayed in my PJs until midday as I worked from my bed. When I do this I like to imagine that I look like a Peter Alexander PJ model when I’m wearing my PJs but something tells me that it takes a professional hair and make up team to get the look; particularly the perfect “bed hair” look sported by their in-store mannequins and catalog babes.

peter alexander best of british pyjama campaign

Peter Alexander pyjama models and mannequins do bed-hair best, don’t you agree?

That said these days I prefer to buy my PJs from smaller labels like ALAS (for men, check out New Internationalist) and if money were no object I’d be getting some Maisini and Chern.

alas pyjamas new international

Stylish and ethical pyjamas by ALAS and New Internationalist.

If money were no object pyjamas by maisini and chern

If money were no object pyjamas by maisini and chern



Tracksuit pants

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.’” – Karl Lagerfeld

You know, I have to disagree with Kaiser Karl. Staying in pyjama pants all day would be my idea of admitting defeat but the very act of changing into track suit pants is already a step for showing up for Life.

Sure not all tracky daks are equal but I think that there is an art to styling the humble tracksuit pant. In boarding school where we could wear anything we liked, I was fascinated by how fellow students created a new pseudo-uniform of private-school-boy tracksuit pants (i.e. bought shop that supplied private school uniforms)teamed with long-sleeve tees, the school jumper and Converse sneakers. It was a look I both loved and abhorred – like those “happy family” stickers on the backs of station wagons – I love the idea but am also grossed out by how smarmy it can feel …

Fast-forward over ten years and I’m still fascinated by tracksuit pants. I’ve never embraced their similarly comfy cousin, “the jegging” but rather am fascinated by the smarter moniker they’ve recently been marketed as which is “the jogger.” Ha! To my observation, people don’t actually jog in a jogger – that’s what their 2XU control leggings are for… smarmy, eh?

My current work-from-home uniform

  • Uniqlo HEATTECH singlet top with built-in bra – genius for those days that you want to get to work and feel like skipping a step of things you need to put on. Click here to see other chic Smart Casual tops to work from home in.
  • Scarf – a quick loop around the neck and I’ve covered up the singlet top in style. Usually I throw this on when I’m working from home to keep warm – lightweight silk and cotton does the trick. Kish & Evie are offering busichics 30% off all scarf styles for a limited time only, use the code ATREATFROMCHERYL www.kishandevie.com
  • ASOS jogger pants – I like this peg-leg black style that is comfy but also dressed up enough to head out for coffee or host a casual week-night dinner for the girls. That said, I’m also enjoying a pair of pin-stripe pants, incidentally also from ASOS but sold out now. I’m currently on the search for a perfect replacement.
  • Socks – I’m surprised by how much I’m wearing socks now that I’m freelance! I stocked up on cute socks while we were in Japan but locally I can’t go pass the cute styles at Gorman. It’s like wearing art on your feet.
  • Sneakers – trusty classic Converse still rule the roost however I’m also getting lots of wear out of silver penguins from Bared Footwear, love that I can put my orthotics in these!
  • Make up – I’m one of those people who wears make up for themselves. Even when I don’t plan on leaving the house, I still like to go through the process of getting my face on. It makes me feel good and that for me is a great way to start a productive day. I’m currently loving all of the make up I bought in Japan, must do a post on that soon!

BusiChic work from home outfit


What’ I’m wearing: Kish and Evie scarf (use the code ATREATFROMCHERYL) dresses up my Uniqlo HEATTECH singlet top with ingenious built-in bra + worn-in pinstripe pants that are as comfy as tracksuit pants and Bared Footwear shoes.

Alternatives to track suit pants

I accidently discovered that a good mid-length skirt can make a great alternative to my tracky dacks. This tulle skirt I bought in Japan is long enough that I’m warm and soft enough to move about freely in. That I can just throw on heels and be ready for an event is an added bonus.

BusiChic tulle skirt work from home

I’ve pinned other alternatives to track suit pants here. The key to note is that pants in relaxed or printed fabrics are your friend.

Leaving the house or seeing people IRL

Even the best-laid plans to work-from-home can be disrupted by real life things like needing to get coffee, do the grocery shopping or see people IRL. I could get changed but find it’s a lot easier if I can just throw on a few more layers rather than starting again from scratch. So here’s my list of things I throw on

  • Earrings – instantly bling up the basics. These are naughty copies but at $1.99 it’s been fun experimenting with these oversized faux pearls.
  • Trench coat – nothing transforms work-from-home chic into Alexa-Chung like a trench coat. Nope I didn’t drop the $2k to get a Burberry, mine was actually a cheeky purchase when I got cold one night during our honeymoon (in Japan, in case you were wondering), see here for ones that I’ve found at all price points– there are so many styles on sale at the moment!
Close-up of the accessories that dress up my work-from-home basics: earrings and scarf.

Close-up of the accessories that dress up my work-from-home basics: earrings and scarf.

HELLO WORLD! A belt turns that scarf into a "top" while a trench coat pulls the whole look together!

HELLO WORLD! A belt turns that scarf into a “top” while a trench coat pulls the whole look together!

Soooooo now over to you – What do you wear when you’re working from home?



  1. You are looking mighty fine there Cheryl! Seeing that I’m on a break from uni, I too have been working a lot from home. Because I normally head to the gym after school drop off, I’m usually in my gym gear until I realise it’s nearly time for pick up and off I head into the shower to get dresse in my good old regular everyday ‘uniform’ my jeans and tee! Loving the colder weather so I get to layer it up with scarves, cardis and now a beanie to keep my head warm thanks to my much much shorter style hair. Hope to bump into you soon!! xx

  2. You look fabulous! I am loving the uniqlo heat tech thingies 🙂
    I have worked from home this holiday from my day job. Most times I am in my pyjamas (comfy and cute pants from Sussan, and a fitted long sleeve tee) but I have also worn a metalicus like dress with leggings and a cardi.

    • Thanks Carly, I’m a big fan of layering and you are so good at it! Ooh metalicussy dress hey? It would allow for good range of movement too.
      It’s funny, I’ve been wearing fewer dresses on the blog as post-LBD Project I wonder if people are sick of seeing me in a dress (or sick of seeing me) but then there are lots of different styles of dresses to play with and explore… Thanks for the thought!

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