An artistic approach to workwear: printed pants, boots and a perfect coat

We may be at the end of the month but that does not spell the end of Winter here in Melbourne.

Thank goodness then for today’s BusiChic whose artistic approach to workwear has inspired me to mix up prints myself:

office outfit perfect coat print pants boots

Graphic designer Chrystelle’s artistic take on workwear incorporates palm and leopard prints which are made office-appropriate by her chic navy coat and plain black top.

house of baulch necklace

Hardware is the perfect embellishment: Christelle wears necklace by local label, House of Baulch, who I’m sad to hear are shutting up shop!

Gorman leopard print ankle boot

“The shoe maketh the outfit” goes the saying and these fabulous print boots (previous season Gormans) make Christelle’s outfit Smart Casual. Those in more conservative offices could wear this entire outfit and opt for a more formal shoe like a classic pump.

handbag coffee winter morning

Clutch a coffee like you mean it! Christelle’s bag is by Prada.

cross the road melbourne collins street

Christelle wears pants by French Connection, knitted top by Witchery, shoes by Gorman, the jewellery from House of Baulch and my handbag is Prada.

Want some print pants for work? Check out this BusinessChic board for inspiration!

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