Save and Spend: Winter Office Outfits for $500 and less!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Goodyear TripleMax

Do you spend the working week thinking about the weekend? You may have seen from my Instagram that we have been doing a few more out-of-town trips as we just bought a new car! Tim (my husband) works as a climate change consultant, so when we moved in together we needed to consolidate our two existing cars and replace them with a new one. And at the top of our priorities was finding a car with good fuel efficiency!

There’s another way that car owners can increase fuel efficiency and therefore save money; Goodyear Assurance TripleMax Tyres have been developed to use less energy during driving such that customers with a mid-sized vehicle can save up to $500 over the life of these tyres.

For those technically-minded, the tyres feature Goodyear’s Fuel Saving Technology ™. This technology lowers the rolling resistance of the tyre while simultaneously providing assurance around safety and durability. “Rolling resistance” refers to the energy which is lost when a tyre is rolling over a surface. So by lowering it, less energy is needed to push the car forward, thereby reducing the amount of fuel the car consumes and hence savings for drivers!

Here are three different looks that BusiChics could spend that $500 on, thanks to savings you could make on your car tyres:

Contemporary Business Wear outfit 2


Outfit 1. This Contemporary Business Wear outfit comes in at $472.58 leaving over change for an afterwork cocktail and some nibblies!

  1. Camilla and Marc Transversal dress NOW $299
  2. ASOS Shirt in Colourblock Stripe Print NOW $37.26
  3. River Island Ankle zip boots NOW $58.82
  4. Black White Notch Stand Collar Long Sleeve Oversize Houndstooth Coat $49.71
  5. Double Pearl Earrings $14.84
  6. Shanghai Suzy lipstick in Neon Coral $12.95

Smart Casual mens office outfit

Outfit 2. A Smart Casual look for the gents- where the shirt unbuttoned. Coming in at $495.22, this outfit will leave you enough for a 50c cone!

  1. Mr Shirts gingham slim fit – french cuff $150 or $66.33 each when you buy three shirts for $199
  2. Treneryv-neck cashmere and cotton knit NOW $49.95
  3. Saxony Madison pants NOW $53.99
  4. Witchery Peacoat NOW $199.95
  5. The Horse shoes – Ernest NOW $125

Smart Casual Office Outfit 2


Outfit 3. This Smart Casual outfit featuring the currently trending culotte pant, comes in at $432.72, leaving money for a long lunch with all of the dumplings!

  1. Maurie & Eve Mackin’ jumper NOW $71.40
  2. Mimco Melrose 75 Pump NOW $99
  3. Chip Chop star blouse navy NOW $49
  4. ASOS Straight Culotte Pants $58.82
  5. Gorman Tassel bracelet NOW $34.50
  6. Jen Booth patent cobalt blue largeish leather locket handbag $120

In addition to saving on the running costs of your car by using Goodyear TripleMax Tyres, Goodyear is also offering the chance to win $500 to spend on your favourite things – here

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