So you need to update your online face?

My Melbourne in Fashion co-host, Meagan Harding, and I have been working with recruitment firm, Veritas, on their Personal Branding Series. It contains advice from experts in style (aka Meagan and myself) as well as psychology and organisational development to help job seekers as well as the sought-after, best position themselves for new roles.

These are things I think about a lot about when I work with clients to update their online faces. Who said that a professional head shot had to be boring? It is  a different process to how I work when I take street style photos; the individual is the hero rather than the outfit.

I’ve recently worked with an inspiring bunch of women through Girls’ Club – freelancers, professionals and business owners looking to create a new head shot for their Linked In and social media profiles. Most wanted something natural, engaging and “where they looked like themselves”. Here’s an example of one that I have permission to share with you!

One of the new head shots I created for Journalist and photographer, Audrey Bourget.

One of the new head shots I created for Journalist and photographer, Audrey Bourget.

 Need a new professional head shot or just want to smarten up your online face?

I’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions I receive when people are trying to work out how to prepare for their head shot shoot. I’m turning this into a guide that I’ve realised will empower you to be your own stylist, hair and make up artist so that you can put your best face forward. Note that this kind of advice could help you update your work look in general!

It covers things like picking the right colours and the resources I recommend so that you can hone your DIY skills. I also appreciate that not everyone has the time to DIY so there is also a smart directory of professionals I recommend if you  need a blazer tailored or would like say, a professional blow-dry prior to your close-up.

I’m testing it out on my clients, so if you need a new headshot and would like some complimentary style advice, contact me for details cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au !


  1. I’m involved with Girls’ Club and told my friend Kristen about the photoshoots you were doing through them. She loooooved the photos you took, as did everyone who saw them when she posted them on Facebook. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks so much for the referral, Theresa and that is wonderful feedback! Hope to catch you at an upcoming Girls’ Club – such a great group!

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