Surviving winter in the Docklands

I’m working from the Docklands where the wind gets so strong that it blows you in the opposite direction! Needless to say it’s the kind of wind that pierces through all layers, making my street style stalking work rather uncomfortable!

So here are some helpful tips I’ve gathered from my instagram followers and friends!

Tips for surviving winter in the Docklands

  1. Do not wear flowing fabrics as skirts or dresses… or do as the Queen is rumoured to and have small weights sewn into the hemlines of all your skirts so to prevent them from going straight up in the wind!
  2. If you must wear lipstick, make it a matte one so that your hair doesn’t get stuck in your lips. – this quote from the excellent Meagan Harding.
  3. Do as Michael Jackson did and “pop up the collar of your favourite winter coat”.

Here’s a look at a worker I found in the Docklands whose colourful tie and jumper stood out amongst the sea of black suits:

business chic tim mahlberg

Tim used to work in the fashion industry and has cleverly translated his appreciation for colour and “something different” into his playful take on Contemporary Business Wear dressing for the banking environment. Tim wears Oxford suit, Jeff Banks shirt, jumper he bought in France, Uniqlo tie and socks and Julius Marlow shoes.

tim mahlberg the village nab host

Details of Tim’s playful take on workwear include an excellently dotty shirt by Jeff Banks, Uniqlo tie and socks, a ring gifted to him by his mum and a jumper he bought during a trip to France.

winter essentials docklands

Tim’s tips for surviving winter in the Docklands – I’ll be popping the collar of my winter coat like Tim does here, for sure! His coat is from RDX and he can’t remember where he got this colourful scarf from, love the colours in it too!

How are you going about surviving winter?


  1. OMG Tim is such a hottie !!

  2. Windy Docklands, I know a thing or two about the Docklands since living there for over 2 years. My tip, especially for those super windy days, is to wear your hair up and make sure you your invest in some quality wool thermals. There is nothing worse than hair flying across your face, getting stuck to your lips and having that wind penetrate through your clothes.

    • Good one, Emilia!

      I just instagrammed a note to myself today to add in a note about wearing hair up. I’d freshly washed my hair and was feeling like a Pantene hair model, only to start getting whiplash the moment I stepped out of Southern Cross station! Gah!

      On my Instagram @missoulak mentioned that she has a knit cap that comes in handy on windy days – a hat that fits snugly would keep hair in place and not blow away!
      @sarahsemporium who is currently rocking a new short ‘do also added that “cutting hair off” is another way to make sure the wind doesn’t blow it in your face. Oh the cheek!

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