The five most annoying things to leave behind

Work. For most of us, we need to leave home to get there. Exercise, is something that we might try to do on our way, during or after the work day. This involves prior planning – packing of bags to make sure that we have everything we need for the day ahead. Here’s a look at some of the most annoying things to leave behind at home, do you relate? I left my wallet at home at least I can still take a selfie...

…so I left my wallet at home at least I can still take a selfie…

5. Shoes. Underwear. Socks.

For those who try to get some movement done in the day, there’s nothing more annoying than realising that you have forgotten to pack something that you either (1) need for your exercise or (2) need to wear for work after your fitness is done. I used to cycle into work and would forget to bring in a pair of heels – it became handy to leave a pair under my desk – which I realise  may not be possible in some workplaces. Similarly for hosiery and business socks- sports socks just don’t do the trick!

4. Wallet

Have you ever tried to spend a day without your wallet? These little packages carry so much that I’ve started to think about ways to spread out its contents- how to not have all my eggs in the one basket so to speak! I left my wallet behind earlier this week and had quite the conundrum – I couldn’t simply borrow money from a work colleague! That said, I did end up borrowing $20 from the host of my co-working space – thanks Tim!

3. Notes

Do you take work home to review, say prior to an important meeting or to get ahead? There are few things more annoying than realising you’re going to be late for work because those notes that you stayed up late going over are actually at home…

2. Keys

Whether it’s your access pass to get into the office or keys to get back into the house at the end of the day. Keys mean access so not having access can be a huge hindrance to the work day! Most buildings have procedures for getting a replacement card so that you can still get into the office (although not the office printer!), as for keys, try to keep a spare pair with family or friends who live close by.

1. Phone

Top of the list in terms of annoying things to leave at home; the smart phone. There is so much on these devices: entire phone books, email, calendar, camera and not to mention all of the apps! Unlike a wallet, you can’t borrow a smart phone from a colleague to get to all of the things that are on your phone. Unlike keys, you can’t keep a spare phone with friends. The only thing more annoying than leaving a phone at home is running out of battery.


That’s my list, what do you think? There are a number of ways to make sure that you don’t leave behind important items. I find that not changing bags too much helps plus having dedicated spaces within bags so that you can cast an eye over to make sure that you have these essentials.


  1. For me, it’s all of the above (okay maybe not so much #5) but I’d add one more and that’s the external charger for the phone. Nothing like 4% left during a long and crowded commute home to go NOOOOOOO!! 😛

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