The navy coat, bag and purple heels

It is so easy and so Melbourne to wear black. So here is a look at how an actual colour, navy- to be precise, can be just as chic.

Navy blue coat purple heels

So chic in navy: a perfect example of a classic silhouette executed in the right amount of colour for a conservative office.

Today’s BusiChic spots a collarless coat which gives it its minimalist look. Those with a collar could turn up the collar and fold it inwards, try experimenting with this almost-collarless option or this collared (fold it inwards!) option.

Nina Ricci blue bag

Usually wear a black coat and carry a black handbag? Take inspiration from this BusiChic and co-ordinate your outerwear in another hue, like blue!

Bag in a similar style or similar colour. I’ve also seen similar styles at Michael Kors…

purple heels

Another look at the shoes that lift this outfit up a notch. Look for classic shape shoes (like this pump that is the *right* amount of pointy) in colours that suit your skintone for similar effect.

Similar: shoes

This post has made me realise that I wear loads of navy in my personal life but less-so in my work wear which is much more black and white. What about you?


  1. Navy blue and purple-pink? I never thought of that colour combination. It actually works!

    • I agree, it’s so unexpected but welcome. Nice to see someone playing around with colour combinations because I know I fall into the usual..

  2. Boy am I glad that once again, we girls are allowed to wear navy. Love the way you’ve shown it at it’s best, when teamed with one of these electric blue bags I’m beginning to see everywhere. Very impressive ….and a good excuse to go out and buy one of those blue totes. I really like this blog by the way. This is my first look at it, and I will keep dropping by. By the way, any “business chic” pointers for women of a certain age, who don’t want to come across as a granny when we attend job interviews?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carmen!

      Love your question! I like to think that “business chic” means styles that are relatively timeless and age-less. Straight off the bat, if it’s for an office role, I’d suggest a cross-over blouse like featured in this post…also hair and make up (or at least good grooming) make a difference. Let me know if you have more questions and I’ll get back to you!

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