Why it’s important to have good posture…

Heading into an interview? Have a boss, colleagues or a new client you would like to impress?

One of the first things anyone will notice about you is something that you need to cultivate rather than buy off the shelf. It’s your posture. Yes, the way that you hold yourself when you are sitting or standing. Did you know that designer threads and a new ‘do will be far less impressive if your posture isn’t up to scratch?

See this chap at the train station? Before I noticed the tan-heel of his boot or that his suit was a good fit – I saw his “presence” in the way that he is sitting. How straight is his back?!

business chic suit train station

How to get good posture:

As posture is one of the first things I notice when I’m out looking for people to photograph, it’s something that I think a lot about. here are some of my tips for improving posture:

  • In most work places, HR will ensure that you get your work-station ergonomically-assessed. Try to remember how to sit, keep your  most-used items within easy reach and take regular breaks to stretch your body and your eyes- I remember being told to take breaks to look out the window and far off into the distance as my job involved lots of staring at screen and figures close to my face.
  • Weight-loading. Ideally the less that you carry around, the better. However when most of us try to sneak in some fitness in our work day as well as lugging around a laptop and work files, we need a solution to make sure that the load does not break us. I’m usually loaded down with at least two bags and make sure that the weight is evenly distributed through the shoulders.
  • Exercise. I’m currently loving my xtend barre class which is a mix of ballet and pilates.  I did 3-4 classes in the lead-up to our wedding although I did drop off completely in the last two weeks because there were so many errands to run! That said, we just received our wedding albums (in case you are wondering, I used Photobox to create ours and am so pleased with the final product!) and I was secretly very pleased and relieved to see that my posture looks good – which I attribute to these classes! Having a good strong core – like the BusiChic in the photo above -means ab-work, people! Good strong abs/core will help your posture like nothing else. When standing at the printer, I like to exercise this by grounding my feet through to the floor, tailbone-down, abs and pelvic floor activated and shoulders back and down. It’s a little reminder to where things should be and yes, I usually kick off heels (discreetly so I can jump back into them if someone comes past)- or wear flat shoes when I do this.

Do you have any tips to add?

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