How I layer knitwear

While spring/summer 2014 fashions are appearing in my inbox almost daily now, the weather forecasts indicate that we’ll still have to put up with the chill of winter for a bit longer.

One of the things I love about winter is layering knitwear. That means woolen short sleeve tops, jumpers and cardigans – and not to mention accessories like scarves! So how to layer without looking (and feeling!) like the Michelin man? The key, I think, is to make sure that the overall silhouette is still chic.

Capes and kimonos

Capes and kimonos are wonderful because they create a stylish shape,  regardless of how many layers you are wearing or may be carrying!

business chic cape blur

“Silhouette” refers to a figure’s shape and I like the one created by this kimono-cardigan (Thurley, of some seasons ago).

business chic cheryl lin rodsted

Under the kimono: Here I’ve belted a casual (aka oversized and loose-fit) cardigan to create a more tailored and work-appropriate silhouette, then layered again with a cape-ish cardigan.

business chic style mustard colour

When layering knits, consider using different colours, shapes (as done here with the sleeve) and textures (i.e. different weights of knits or embellishment like the beading on this sleeve) to add interest. I’d like to layer knitwear that has prints but find that these generally tend to be more casual…

cheryl lin rodsted cape mustard


I’m wearing a Thurley cardigan (similar by Thurley is now on sale and pinned here) | mustard yellow cardigan from Again Recycle | tshirt by Iris & Ink | necklace I assembled using a chain from the old Lovisa and rhinestone watch from a flea market in Berlin | belt from Ted Bakerskirt from Vivienne Westwoodclutch is Longchamp | stockings from my local supermarket and trusty ankle boots from Ziera.


What I think I look like when I leave the house

Do you have an image in mind when you get dressed? Say a look that you are trying to achieve… or a celebrity you are emulating?

Whenever I wear a cape or kimono, I like to think that I look like this Garance Dore illustration...!

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