Jump: The playful work outfit

Hey BusiChic,

How are you going?

It’s been some months now since I made the jump from corporate to full-time creative. And just quietly, I’m in a good spot. Business is picking up, I’m getting to work with some really great clients, and heck I’m still a newlywed on Cloud 9 so my personal life is going great too! At the end of last month I finished an Xtend Barre challenge and despite feeling exhausted for most of the month; I’m now feeling so much stronger. Good health, life and business – it simultaneously makes me want to get grounded and feel grateful and jump for joy.

Speaking of jumping, when I was in Japan earlier this year, I picked up two beautiful books that capture jumps. Considering the subject matter, their images are ones I find myself thinking about a lot…

  • Solary Man by Yuki Aoyama features suited workers, jumping in their boxy black corporate wear, Captured mid-air the subjects appear playful, alive – I find it a wonderfully joyous depiction of the normally serious suit!
  • Today’s Levitation by Natsumi Hayashi features beautiful photographs of a beautiful woman whose jump has been captured in such a way that she appears to be levitating. It is all kinds of magical and often takes my breath away.

So without further ado, here’s me taking the little moment to enjoy a jump. You’ll see that I’m continuing to incorporate playful elements into my work attire…

business chic polka dots

undercut hair style cheryl lin rodsted (2)

nomadic bag print scarf button detail

polka dot Happy Socks orange shoes

busichic polka dots jumpI wear trench coat and shirt bought in Japan | earrings from Swoon boutique | pinstripe pants from Sportsgirl (reduced down to $30) | polka dot socks by Happy Socks | bag by Nomadic | scarf (tied around bag) from my Oma | loafers by Fred Smith

I’m surprised by how much  I wear shirts these days – I used to avoid them like the plague when I was in Corporate! That said I still don’t iron anything because I have purposefully bought shirts with such busy patterns or fabric that mean they don’t need to be ironed. Here I’m wearing a classic-white-shirt-with-a-twist; instead of white buttons, the shirt has multi-coloured ones. Naturally I had to push the theme by co-ordinating the shirt with a pair of multi-coloured polka dot socks and a colourful shoe!

I think that these are some of the first shots I’ve shared here showing more of my undercut hair style. I loved being able to donate my hair to the Beautiful Lengths program and simultaneously continuing to grow out my hair. I find that when my hair is down – like how I wore it in last week’s post– most people don’t notice the undercut – had you?!

Anyways, I should let you go – hope you have a great start to the week and please stay tuned as *fingers-crossed* I’ll have some exciting news to share with you later this week!


  1. Needless to say, I love your undercut — so versatile. (And those socks are great, too.)

    • Thanks Theresa – I’m enjoying the change as I’ve never really had the chance to get an “extreme” hair cut before! That said, I can’t wait to grow it out so that I can do one of the gorgeous “upside down” braids that you taught us to do in class! x

  2. Great outfit, Cheryl! I love the playful combination of the colourful socks with the loafers. Oh and that undercut? LOVE. I forgot you even had it in the other photos when your hair was down.

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