Melbourne in Fashion: Marina Piche | Episode 42

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the presenters on Channel Nine have been looking even more business chic than usual?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Melburnians Livina Nixon and Bec Judd have looked great but recently my interest has been piqued by the extent to which they look professional and great but more importantly like themselves.

L-R: I had to instagram Livinia Nixon looking great in this dress by Oxford; Bec Judd as instagramed @styleatnine sharing the details of Bec's outfit.

L-R: I had to instagram Livinia Nixon looking great in this dress by Oxford; Bec Judd as instagramed @styleatnine sharing the details of Bec’s outfit.

Head Stylist, Marina Piche, heads up a team at Channel 9 to ensure that on-screen talent look professional and stylish, albeit not in a way that detracts from the news they are presenting.

In Episode 42 of the Melbourne in Fashion podcast, we chat to Marina about her career to date and what it takes to dress talent across the country, listen to it directly here.

Marina Piche Stylist

Marina Piche ladylike with an edge outfit for meetings featuring dion lee dress

Marina carries Givency bag and wears Tony Bianco boots

Marina wears:  Coat: Zara Dress: Dion Lee ‘Grid Dress’ | Boots: Tony Bianco ‘Fairlee’ | Bag: Givenchy ‘Antigona’ | Lipstick: MAC Crosswires Cremesheen

Marina’s own workwear style is a combination of classic shapes (like the pencil shape of her Dion Lee dress) with modern prints and colours. While we have a more in-depth interview with Marina on the podcast, she kindly answered the following questions to give us more insight into her work, her inspirations and how she goes about styling the presenters we see on Channel Nine, thanks Marina!

Interview with Marina Piche

Your work is quite varied, what kind of “days” do you have to dress for and how many different types of outfits would you have to wear for your line of work? 

A day at the office & meetings usually means a fitted dress or pencil skirt with a top tucked in and heels.  I’m also a big fan of the ‘trumpet skirt’, my two favourites are by ‘Cameo the label’ and ‘By Johnny’

If I’m out on a shoot, the jeans come out.  I wear RES Denim jeans, my favourite being ‘The Shinning’ with the wax finish so they look like leather but are actually comfortable! I would usually pair them with my wedge boots from Mimco or my Converse. Top half I love a chambray shirt, at the moment my go to is by Viktoria and Woods

Your favourite labels to shop for work attire for yourself? 
Nicholas, Sara Phillips, Dion Lee, Viktoria & Woods, By Johnny, Scanlan & Theodore, RES Denim, White Suede and Tony Bianco for shoes to name only a few!

Can you share what you think about when you’re putting outfits together for Livinia Nixon, Bec Judd and Peter Hitchener and so forth to create their individual looks? 
When I head out to source clothing for individual talent there’s a lot to keep in mind.  Not only does their size, shape and colourings matter but I also like to dress for the individual personality.  It’s important to try and get to know the person you’re dressing and be able to bring out elements of their character.  If you don’t know them, do research if you can.  I also have to keep in mind that it’s going on television, so colours, prints, patterns and textures can be difficult.  It also matters on the style, nothing too blousy and unflattering but also nothing too tight and revealing.  A lot to tick off when looking for the perfect outfit!

Which websites do you look to for workwear inspiration? I also check out some American websites such as J Crew, Shopbop and Saks Fifth Ave as they tend to have a little more classic corporate wear.

Your advice for achieving success in your line of work? 
Make your own opportunities. Work hard and be willing to work for free at the start and learn on the job. You need creative flair and good eye for detail, but also be able to be highly organised as you will often be your own boss. Get training either in fashion, costume or styling sewing is a wonderful skill to have that will set you apart.  I’m currently on the committee for a new styling course at RMIT, so this will be one to look out for!

To see Marina’s work on instagram, check out @styleatnine and @channel9style– which includes Sydney!

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