Shoesday: To slide or not to slide?

Dearest BusiChic, In Episode 41 of the Melbourne in Fashion podcast, Meagan and I talked about our concerns on what stores are claiming will be, “the sandal of the season.”

You see the Birkenstock is back this season – and with particular vengeance – as a number of labels are offering their own take on the sandal that fashionistas love to hate.

business chic how to wear sandals slides to work spring summer office outfit

Sandal of the season: in Spring/Summer 2014 campaigns for Witchery and David Lawrence. Product featured above: the Shadiya Slide $99.95 at Witchery and the Harriet $79.95 at Country Road.

The pros of slides, the sandal:

  • Compared with work shoes, they make walking to work and then out to work drinks a much more comfortable affair.
  • They are better for your feet than thongs.

They are being offered by many stores in different colours and fabrics at different pricepoints. The unisex Arizona Birkenstock retails for around $100, Witchery are offering ladies  patent leather versions for $99.95 and Country Road have a shiny gold for $79.95.

The cons of slides:

And I voice this in the podcast – I worry that we’ll get lazy and inspired by stylish campaigns like the above- think that we can get away with wearing slides with our suits all day at work. It doesn’t sound like a big thing but every work place has its Fashion Police (whether self or formally appointed!) and it’s never fun being pulled up on what you’re wearing. Slides are just waaay too casual for most offices where most people try to look a little more formal and closed toe shoes are expected.

Remember as always, if you work in Art, Fashion or a workplace that really doesn’t have a dresscode – you probably can thumb your nose at the cons and rock a comfy slide all-day.

How to slide it this coming season:

Simply, said – wearing an alternate shoe to pound the pavement to work will make your work shoes last longer. So if you choose to slide it this Spring/Summer and you work in a conservative environment, remove them as soon as you get to work and swap for a more formal shoe. Stay tuned to Shoesdays at BusinessChic – on Tuesdays – for our look at stylish footwear for the office this coming season!

Will you be wearing the slide to work?


  1. I suspect I might cave and end up with a pair of metallic-y slides, something not-so-chunky. Maaaaybe! Exclusively for outside the office though! You’re so right about the hidden fashion police! I remember being told at one workplace “Friday’s are casual Fridays… but We Do Not do casual Fridays” and those who chose to, were shunned!

  2. Urgh I can’t stand this trend. It reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network walking around with socks and slides. Makes me cringe! 😛

  3. Wayyyy too casual for work. Wouldn’t mind the gold pair for summer but I’m not really big on the slides movement yet.

    • May, I’d be interested to see if you change your mind over the course of the season – I have, to an extent! I went from going “oh no! Not another work outfit teamed with slides.” to “well it would make the commute more comfy”. And let’s face it, when it gets hot, it is nice to have a comfy alternative to work shoes, thongs and even ballet flats!

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