Brown Brothers Sparkling Masterclass

This week I was reminded about how one of the most valuable investments I ever made in my own education was on a wine appreciation course. It was run through the firm I worked in at the time and presented by two partners who had interests in wine. It covered the basics from how to hold a wine glass (e.g. if chilled, hold by the stem rather than the glass itself as your hands will warm up the wine) to differentiating between say a chardonnay and a riesling and how to suggest wine for clients based on the food that they ordered. It’s was valuable because it’s given me knowledge to confidently try different wines plus a skill that I get to use lots in both work and play!

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to a Brown Brothers Sparkling Masterclass to refresh our knowledge of sparkling wines – just in time for the upcoming festive season!

Brown Brothers Masterclass Business Chic


Brown Brothers Masterclass 04

Caroline Brown of Brown Brothers and Andrew Harris, Brown Brothers Wine Educator.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 03

My favourite sparkling wines

I don’t know about you but I find it really difficult buying wines if I haven’t tasted them first. So whenever I get the opportunity to taste wine, I keep notes of ones that I think my family and friends will like (as well as the ones I like myself!) as it’s much more enjoyable sharing a drink with friends. Personally when it comes to sparkling wines I prefer clean, crisp sparkling wines that are slightly grassy or citrus-y but definitely  not sweet; I prefer pairing my sparklings with oysters rather than strawberries. I really appreciated that as part of the Masterclass we tasted some other brands for comparison of methods. As a result here’s my shopping list of sparkling wines I’ll be enjoying this Spring/Summer:

I’m genuinely very excited by Brown Brothers Prosecco NV (RRP $19) – I think it’s a great crowd-pleaser with just enough sweetness to keep my moscato-loving friends happy but still crisp and clean enough that I can drink it too. Perfect picnic tipple.

Brown Brothers Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinor Meunier NV (RRP $25) – can you see that I drew love hearts around this one? I found it crisp and clean, and refreshing with each sip. Perfect for days in the sun when your mouth is starting to feel a little dry! It also hit the spot for me with Fatto’s pairing of seared scallop and green apple. Yum.

Then came along the 2008 Patricia Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut  (RRP $48) which stood out to me even more than the rest. I found it clean, green and a nice balance of acid and flavour. Only the best vintages earn the name “Patricia”- Caroline’s grandmother who played a key role in the business and whose only requirement for her name to be used was that the wine “better be bloody good!” I think I would have really liked Patricia!

In case you are wondering – there is no waste: where this blend fails to make the top three in a blind-tasting of  twelve top sparklings (from a mix of makers), it become the Limited Release. To that end, I quite liked the Brown Brothers Limited Release Prosecco 2013 ($21) which was very nice indeed with oysters.

Brown Brothers Sparkling Masterclass

A tasty education learning to tell the difference between Prosecco from Methode Traditionelle accompanied by delicious morsels at Fatto.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 05

Caroline Brown shared family stories behind the family’s range of sparkling wines. Support local!

“A good Prosecco is where you can have it with a fresh oyster and not need a squeeze of lemon” – Caroline sharing her father’s advice on how to tell that a sparkling wine has the right amount of acid.

Business Chic

I could not resist asking to photograph some of my table mates – such a great collection of BusiChics!

Brown Brothers Masterclass 07

Amelia epitomises effortless chic in a knit top and classic work pants made fun by way of accessories and great shoe. Fun fact: I randomly sat near Amelia and through conversation we worked out we had a connection – Amelia’s Dad happens to be THE God-Father of BusinessChic (if you do click on that link, note that it is a very old post that I’ll need to refresh but his words still ring true)!

Brown Brothers Masterclass 08

Rose-gold and white accessories bring out Amelia’s tan and the blue of her top, beautifully.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 09

A serendipitous pairing: Amelia’s bracelets aren’t by the same brand as her necklace but how perfectly do they go together?

Brown Brothers Masterclass 10

How wonderful is the clear heel detail on these edgy peep-toes?!

Brown Brothers Masterclass 11

Anna pairs a classic blouse with edgier leather pencil skirt and heels.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 12

Statement stud pared back with delicate wishbone necklace to create a nice balance of accessories.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 13

Those shoes. Fabulous.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 14

Melissa rocking it in a great day-to-night look.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 15

Bravely layer prints and textures like Melissa’s great hair, giraffe-print sunglasses, snake-print blazer and statement necklace.

Brown Brothers Masterclass 16

Bling bling! Another fabulous spot of rose-gold accessories!

Such an effervescent event and company! Thanks to Soda Communications for having me as a guest.

What kind of wines do you like? How do you go about choosing yours?

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