What I Wore: Desk-to-Sun fun

This post is inspired by Monday’s DIVINE weather when I had the chance to pop out and bask in the sun’s rays and get some Vitamin D in my lunch break. That said by the time this post is published, Melbourne will inevitably have gone back to her cold and rainy self! However bear with me as brighter days will soon be upon us – I hope – and then I hope that this post will help you plan your own desk-to-sun fun outfits accordingly!

Hit: Melbourne's 2.5days of glorious sunshine this week. Did you get a chance to get out and enjoy it?

Hit: Melbourne’s 2.5days of glorious sunshine this week. Did you get a chance to get out and enjoy it?

stylish at work

Hello. Is it sun you are looking for?


business chic cape ribbon office outfit

An easy outfit for desk-to-sun fun!

grosgrain ribbon bow monochrome business chic outfit

I’ve dressed up a sleeveless shirt by tying a grosgrain ribbon in a bow around the collar. You could button the shirt up to the top, instead I prefer a looser style but have dressed up again with a strand of pearls. Split-sleeve blazer makes the sleeveless top, work-appropriate and provides some warmth against the office air-con.

collage face

When the wind blows: The inevitable weather change brought on some windy weather so it was handy to rediscover MAC Russian Red matte lipstick during a recent spring clean of my make-up stash – a great colour that hair won’t get stuck in!

busichic in the park

Enjoying the sunshine in my break! This was taken in Murchison Square in Carlton but this week I also enjoyed a time-out on the lawn outside The Age building in the city. Where’s your favourite place to get some rays during the day?

bared footwear

Public Service Announcement: make sure that your feet are ready for Spring/Summer’s open-toe shoes! Consider this permission to get yourself a pedicure!

I’m wearing:

blazer SheInside Split-Sleeve Blazer – one of the hits in my first purchase from this online site. Recently I caught up with a friend and we ended up talking about the misses in our first purchases from this store – it’s so unfortunate how inconsistent the quality is so I’m going to stop recommending pieces from here unless I start to hear more good things! I’d love to hear which online shops you’re loving – spill the beans? | sleeveless shirt uniqlo | grosgrain ribbon Spotlight | earrings Jane Heng Jewellery | pearl necklace from a store in the Royal Block Arcade | pants Dannii Minogue for Target | shoes Pipit by Bared Footwear

In case you are wondering there are two elements which make this ensemble particularly sun-loving; the sleeveless shirt and the sandals.

In our most recent Melbourne in Fashion podcast, my co-host Meagan and I talk about how to prepare for the new season and Meagan shares some of her skincare tips; namely to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Did you know that it takes around 28 days for your skin to shed? This means that it’ll take that amount of time for the water you drink today to have an effect! So get hydrated to make sure your skin is ready to be bared when the sun starts shining.

And my red hot tip? Get a pedicure! It is wonderful to get to feel sunshine on your toes but please make sure there are few things worse than open-toe shoes which reveal (1) a bad DIY pedicure or (2) no pedicure at all and <gasp> dry and cracked heels.

There’s a bit going on in this post but I’d love to hear from you! Did you get to enjoy the sun this week? Where’s a good spot near your work? I’m looking for new places to visit to seek out BusiChics so keep me posted!


  1. Love the ribbon as well — and that you’re wearing Jane Heng jewelry. I’ve met her through Girls Club. What a small city we’re in…

  2. I was so excited by the sunshine this week! It has been beautiful and I hope it comes back quick! Love the look you created..Very clever with the ribbon and love the cape!!
    x Kirsty

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