Shoesday: Bared Footwear Pipit Sandal

Regular BusiChics will know how much I see Bared Footwear as a god-send for anyone who needs or wants to wear shoes that are good for their feet- see all of my posts on Bared Footwear by following that link!

Well Anna Baird and her team have done it again this season in granting another important shoe wish! I am so very excited for the “Pipit” style which means that gals like me who need a bit of support in the arch-area can finally wear a “strappy” sandal this summer!

bared footwear sandals

The “Pipit” by Bared Footwear in Beige Python. A strappy shoe that you can get away with at work when the sun is shining and it’s simply too hot to wear a closed-toe shoe. Unlike many other strappy sandals, this one provides support where you need it.

bared footwear sandals black

This style also comes in a “Black Speckle” that gives textured (and subtle) sparkle to outfits. This would look great under the season’s wide-leg Palazzo pant!

Additional features:

Are you like me and want to wear what you have just bought straight away?

I used to spend what felt like a mini-fortune on getting all of my shoes “topy-toed”; where a cobbler puts a rubber sole over leather-soled heels to protect the shoe and make it less slippery. This season, Bared has started applying rubber soles and heels to styles like the “Pipit” – saving time and money!


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