Trend to work: Boxy tops

Fashion trend alert: Boxy tops!

Boxy tops. I don’t know about you but I am forever on the look-out for BusiChic tops to wear to work. While we can wear bottoms more than once in a work-week, tops need to be changed every day. So it’s with some interest that I’ve seen the rise of the box-shape top; offered in all sorts of fabrications. From boxy-shape shirts to blouses, to knits and t-shirts, it’s time to incorporate the new shape into your work wardrobe!

How to wear boxy without looking like a box

When wearing a boxy-top, avoid looking like a box by pairing with bottoms that showcase your figure. On the runway designers are showing boxy tops cut short to crop-top-length; revealing the most narrow part of the model’s body, a bare mid-driff. While revealing the waist is a sure-fire way to show one’s figure, it is hardly work-appropriate, is it?

BusiChics can get boxy and stay work-appropriate by pairing with a high-waisted pair of pants or skirt that defines the waist. Try not to use a belt around the waist as this will add bulk to your mid-line; remember that the key with boxy-tops is to highlight the waist as much as possible. High-waisted bottoms are super-chic and as an added bonus, you’ll never get a plumber’s crack 😉

Four ways to get boxy in the office


Minimalist Chic

Fantasize about looking effortlessly chic on Mondays? A crisp white shirt usually does the trick but tailor styles can feel a little too restrictive after the weekend festivities. The solution? A boxy shirt that is perfect amounts of crisp and comfortable.

Minimalist chic for the office with some fun accessories

Crisp and comfortable with  shirt: shirt Country Road | pants Country Road or ASOS sunglasses mimco| bag A-ESQUE | shoes ALPHA60

Colourful Contemporary Business Wear

Prints and textures liven up a desk to drinks ensemble


A mix of prints and textures create an interesting office ensemble: top SheInside similar here | skirt Country Roadbag My Best Friend is a Bagshoes Senso

Smart Casual

Palm prints in a chic work and play style

top Gorman | pants saba | necklace Have You Met Miss Jones | bracelet Elk Accessories | bag Elk Accessories | Shoes Rollie Nation

————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ——————–

And there you have it, three ways of working the boxy tops into your office repertoire!

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What other trends would you like to wear to work? Drop me a line or stay tuned for next week’s look at sports luxe.



  1. Love your post and suggestions. I love wearing boxy tops, they are so comfortable and great when they’re in a bold print.

    If you can tell us how to wear slides to work…. you’ll win an award!

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