What’s in your carry-on?

When I travel for work and for three days or less, I like to try and restrict all I am taking to carry-on luggage only.

Last week I flew to the Gold Coast to work at the ProBlogger conference. Check out this business chic woman who I found travelling in style:

Business Chic woman at the airport

Chic lady wears leopard print skirt belt pearl bracelet and carries bag with floral motif

Woman wears leopard print skirt and carries bag with floral motif
What to wear when travelling for work:

  • Wear bulky items like suits and heavy shoes. DO keep airport security scanners in mind and avoid wearing anything that has metal (e.g. belt buckles and boots)
  • Keep electronic devices like laptops, tablets and phones handy so that you can easily pull them out for airport security – without all the other contents of your luggage or handbag spilling out.
  • Do have a lightweight coat (trenches are great for this) or scarf if like me, you get cold on planes. Trench coats and capes are the most chic of all outerwear or simply throw a bomber jacket or blazer over your shoulders to achieve the look. Note that keeping a jacket on your shoulders can be a little tricky if you are carrying a bag with long straps in which case a shorter-handle handbag, compendium, briefcase or clutch is preferable.
  • Stay hydrated on the flight and have a lipbalm and cough lollies handy in case your skin and throat feel dry mid-flight.

My packing tips for travelling for work trips, 3 days or less.

  1. Clothes: Pack an extra pair of work bottoms, out-of-office outfit (i.e. jeans and two separate tops), exercise gear and PJs.
  2. Shoes: 2 pairs in addition to the pair you wear on the plane: I like to do a guided meditation, yoga or pilates using YouTube in the comfort of my room which has removed the need to bring sneakers.  I wear one pair of work shoes on the plane and pack another plus a relaxed-but-chic pair of shoes to wear with the out-of-office outfit if I feel like heading out for dinner and don’t feel like wearing work shoes. Technically you could get away without the second pair of work shoes but personally, I like to alternate shoes each day to give the leather a rest.
  3. Accessories: Ties, socks/hosiery, scarves, cufflinks and earrings that add personality. I keep jewellery pouches handy for these or place inside a clutch which can double up as a going-out bag.
  4. Toiletry bag: I like to have a toiletry bag ready for the impromptu work trip. Keep stocked with travel-sized items, remember to avoid aerosols and don’t forget your toothbrush. Pack some large ziplock bags as a back-up to carry any liquids or even items to launder.
  5. Electronics: chargers!!


Do you travel with carry-on? What are your must-have items?


  1. Shoes are most defiantly a space killer! I pack as light as I can when I have to travel so I wear my heels (slight wedges, very comfortable and easy to walk in) + my red flats. Flats can easily be going out shoes and to avoid having to take my bulky exercise shoes I just do yoga in my hotel room and foret my morning runs haha

  2. Shoes are the space killer for travelling with carry on so I only ever take one pair of heels. I always travel into my destination the night before so travel in lightweight lululemon studio pants, long sleeve top/t-shirt and trainers. These double as yoga/pilates pants. I only take one pair of work bottoms – dark to hide all sins and a pair of dark skinny jeans (sometimes) and a top for each day. A light weight jacket or coat.

    I go light on scarves and accessories, unless it can be worn more than once it stays home. I can be in three cities in a week so you soon learn what is nice and what is a must have. Anything that doesn’t get used doesn’t get packed again.

    Also go with the lightest roll-aboard bag you can find, its really easy to loose weight to the bag itself.

    • Great tips, Tegan – and I am on the hunt for lighter carry-on luggage – you’re right in that it makes such a difference to how much you get to bring on your trip!

  3. I always travel with a small power board. This means that all my electronic items can be charged from one power point. Even more useful when travelling overseas as you only need one adaptor. And of course one of our bags – they are designed for the travelling business woman – pockets and sleeves for everything and you still look super stylish.

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