James Banham in dapper blue

The Spring Racing Carnival is just around the corner which means that guys and girls alike are preening and polishing to make sure that they are race-course-ready.

However throughout the year I often see dapper gents and polished ladies who bring that kind of shine to their every day wear and today’s BusiChic is no exception.

James Banham works in fashion and writes about the best of it on his blog The-F. So it’s no surprise that whenever I see him, the man is rocking some fashionable take on Business Casual like this one:

james banham melbourne
James wears:
Ted Baker herringbone Kaweco jacket in light blue.
Ted Baker tartan Flavwai waistcoat in grey.
Ted Baker pink and blue paisley Pastripe shirt.
Ted Baker polkadot tie.
Aquila black leather boots.
Blue is the hue in blazer, shirt, tie and pocket square

Perfect use of blues: see how James uses the hue in his shirt, tie and blazer and makes it pop with a contrasting navy pocket square. Bam!

man bag melbourne

A timeless carry-all.

men's boots

Boots are a more creative shoe option.

Questions with James

What do you do? One nifty title or please include the gamut of things you do!

I work in fashion and retail. By day I’m the visual merchandising manager for a UK-based retailer and by night, I’m a furiously-typing, passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer for a few publications. I like to stay busy!
How do you describe your work wear style?
Without sounding like a knob, I’d say it’s pretty dapper. I like layering and the clashing of prints using traditional pieces of menswear and men’s tailoring. It sets me apart from the suits. 
Favourite labels for workwear?
I can’t go past Ted Baker London for my day-to-day wear (everything in this photo). Rhodes & Beckett as well as Herringbone Sydney are well up there as well as the likes of Zara and TopMan as other favourite go-tos. Though the detailing on them because they’re cheaper isn’t as fine as I like. 
Hair and skincare product that works for you?
I’m an American Crew kid myself normally, but sometimes branch out and try new things like Eleven and Muk. I like the dry styled look for my hair because there’s a lot of it, but it’s quite fair. 
One tip: texturising powder. It’s a life changer.
As for my face, there’s an Australian skincare range that I love. It’s called Skinstitut and they use some powerful active ingredients to fix your skin, rather than just act as a barrier. It’s great and I use everything from their range that’s suited to my skin type. 
Melbourne’s best kept secret?
What a question! There are so many…
One of my favourites lie out of town, actually; and then some. I’m a beach kid underneath it all and spent a great deal of time as a child growing up down the coast. I won’t tell you where it is – it’s a secret, after all – but there’s a little slice of beach I like to think of and call my own. It’s kind of one of the many parts of Melbourne that are a great answer to Sydney’s harbour (not all that) that I call home. 
Your favourite watering holes around town?
If you know me, you’ll know I’m partial to a coffee from time-to-time, and a proper drink every other time. 
There are a few bars in Melbourne I can’t get enough of, one of which is one that has quickly become a local of mine: Goldilocks. It’s up the top of a random building filled with Asian restaurants on Swanston St. and I discovered it with some old work colleagues a year or so ago. With a roof top in summer and a cosy vibe inside for winter, it’s perfect. 

james banham melbourne portrait

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