Joyce Watts of Cycle Style

October 15 is Ride to Work Day – did you ride in to work today?

I photographed today’s BusiChic cycling commuter on a warmer day –

Joyce Watts Cycle Style

Love a chic cyclist!

Joyce Watts Cycle Style 2

Joyce Watts, ex-lawyer now owner of Cycle Style.

I’ve been documenting Joyce’s cycle style since the early days of BusinessChic and it’s wonderful to see her online business, Cycle Style, go from strength to strength.

For tips on creating your own BusinessChic cycle get-ups, check out this post in the archives (FB-ers may have seen this post last night- if FB let you)!

Do you ride a bike to work? What do you wear? Or what’s stopping you from riding to work?


  1. Lovely shoot! Miss Joyce’s lovely self too!!!

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