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I feel like I have some explaining to do! Apologies for not blogging earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday; I hope that it’s given you time to delve into some of the longer post published recently. From an interview with ecostore co-founder, Malcolm Rand, to a summary of what the learnings that I took from the Marie Claire Success Summit as well as a spot of outfit inspiration.

I’ve been busy at work and spending a lot of time reflecting on the year-to-date and planning for the year ahead. I’m interested in knowing whether you visit BusinessChic purely for workwear inspiration or would be interested in beauty and hair care features or more stories about career-change, career fulfilment? Always feel free to drop me a line at cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au. Isn’t it annoying that I have to spell an email out like that so that bots don’t find my email and send me spam?!

Anyhow today’s post is about creating space. 

space calligraphy


My phone keeps running out of space for new photos. My personal styling clients often have lost sight of what they already have because there is no space in their wardrobes. Sometimes I find it hard to start my work day from my home office because there is no space on my desk!

space italian calligraphy

My friend Tania and I like to find words within words. “Pace” in English can refer to the speed of movement while in Italian it means “peace”.

Three places to create space in your life:

In your wardrobe: Do you have space in your wardrobe to see what you already have? Cull to create space and edit your collection to define your own personal style. This can be as simple as putting all of your heavy winter coats and knits into boxes and out of sight. A good clothing store has clothing well-spaced out to create a nice and clear aesthetic which shoppers can easily sort through to find things – do the same for yourself at home.

On your desk and devices: does your office have a clean-desk policy? Not only is it good for keeping confidential matters out-of-sight but makes it easier to act upon the action items in your calendar. I find that it also helps me to have a clearer mind these days. While in my old office cubicle it was very important to have inspirational quotes around, now a days I need a clean desk and everything else up on my pinboard so that I can just get to work. Interesting how habits change! Same goes for laptops, smart phones and storage devices – do you do a periodic clean up to see what you have and what you can let go of to make space for other things? Even if it’s just so that the darn things run faster?!

In your body: We’re coming up to the silly eating season. Don’t get me wrong – I love food and I’m so excited about ham off-the-bone and *fingers-crossed* the sausage rolls my father-in-law makes. However I’m also making sure that I don’t overdo things by keeping up the exercise now!

Where could you do with more space in your life?


  1. I’ve been in the midst of doing a big cull throughout my house (and wardrobe) – it felt great to sort through everything and clear some space so that I can appreciate the things I love the most. Culling my wardrobe was surprisingly easy and refreshing – I spent an afternoon trying everything on and reviewing each item honestly in terms of how I looked/felt wearing it and how it fit in my overall wardrobe. I culled over half of my wardrobe but feel like I have many more options because I only have things that I am happy to wear now. Sounds odd but it’s true!

    I love the lifestyle and career posts but would also love some hair and make up features. I always struggle with hair and makeup ideas for work that are quick but look professional so would love to see your take on hair and makeup. Love visiting the blog!

    • Love this Jess – sounds like you’ve done a very successful refinement of your wardrobe! How satisfying is it?!

      Thanks also for your feedback which I’ll incorporate into content plans for next year – not long now!

  2. So true I gotta get on a big cull! Embrace new style and chuck out that which is clearly never going to be worn!!

  3. Hi there,

    I love your stylist posts and also those about career change. I think your experience and passion makes them engaging and a unique combination. Hair and make up and things are everywhere, so I wouldn’t go down that path unless you are really passionate about them. I look at your site regularly, but never post. I bet there are loads of people that do the same thing. Anyway, I really like your website and what you bring to it. Yay for following your bliss.

    • Hi Lara,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – it’s always great to hear from BusiChics!

      And I really appreciate your feedback. I am passionate about hair and make up as I guess that they are things that I struggle with but think are so key to a chic and effortless work look. Also I’ve recently become obsessed with blowdries – OBSESSED!

      But don’t fear, I’m going to concentrate on getting the fashion side of things here upto a level that I hope we all love! And as always please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if there’s any sort of specific info that you are after.

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