Tuesday Shoesday: Loeffler Randall

Today’s Tuesday Shoesday brings us back to a timeless work shoe albeit with some welcome detail.

If you are the kind of BusiChic who only wishes to buy quality items that will last, consider making American label Loeffler Randall one of your go-to’s. The brand can be relied upon for the kind of shoes that won’t date in fabrics and prints that are a delight to look at. That said, today’s selection is relatively subdued to balance against the more trend-driven styles I’ve featured of late!

The brand is best known for its almond-shape toes which are not as severe in style or fit as pointier styles. So if you have trouble with point-toe shoes, try this shape.

I see this shoe working for the office when paired with a chic work frock (see our selection of work dresses over on this BusinessChic Pinterest board!) or adding interest from the bottom of a pair of work trousers.

Disclaimer: This post features both affiliate and non-affiliate links to help you re-create these looks. If you purchase via an affiliate link, I receive a commission that goes towards the operations of this blog. And for that, I thank you!

Wondering what shoes you can wear to work? Tune in each week for Tuesday Shoesday when I share a new shoe that has caught my eye for work-appropriate or rule-bending reasons!

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