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What a year it has been! On a personal note it has been my first year of freelance life as well as married life – and I thank you for bearing with me when these things have held me back from posting as consistently as I would like. In 2015 I hope to start building a team of contributors to help provide business chic inspiration from Melbourne as well as across the globe- stay tuned and if you would like to be a contributor then contact me (cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au)!

But right now, I’d like to say thank you. I hope that you know that I really appreciate your stopping by for your dose of workwear inspiration and I am truly committed to making 2015 our best year yet!

This holiday season, I’ve teamed up with some brands that have caught my eye as what I’d like to gift you as this year draws to a close, take a look!

1 madame flavour tea penguin books

Madame Flavour Tea pack: the new packaging and rainbow colours provide a delightful way to brighten up the work desk! If you are taking part in the office Kris Kringle and only have time to make a dash to the supermarket, consider getting a box or two to make a perfect and practical present for a business chic colleague. I’ve found that I’ve been alternating between the Chai by day and my favourite way to relax in the evening is by curling up with a mug of the soothing mint and lavender blend.

Penguin Books: soothing-tea-in-hand, this time of year is perfect for reflecting on the life we’ve built to date and what we need to do to take control and shape our own destinies. Thankfully the folks at Penguin Books Australia have provided two great titles to help do this! “Design Your Life” by Vincent Frost is a stylish and practical tome for men and women as Frost shares lessons from his own career and how design philosophies can be applied to planning one’s life. Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss is targeted at her customer demographic of young women but her message of being “the best version of yourself” at every level of your career transcends age and gender.

2 party brown brothers jane heng designs clarks australia shoes

A vibrant silk scarf from Jane Heng Designs to be worn in the style of Christine Lagarde. If you didn’t know, Lagarde has many ways of pairing a luxurious scarf with her workwear and I love that Jane’s are made to create meaningful work for artisans in Cambodia.

I got to enjoy some earlier this year so I am delighted that we have two bottles of Brown Brothers Prosecco NV to accompany you this summer! Remember to toast yourself on what you have achieved in 2014 and another for what you will in the year ahead!

Clarks Australia shoes- lots of you expressed your surprise that the brand we commonly associate with school shoes also makes rather stylish numbers for big kids too so following on from my workwear choice (now on sale!), we thought it was only fair to feature a party number! “Spiced Curtain” that looks sky-high but has heavenly toe-padding and a rather subtle-platform, making it a comfortable festive choice and that can also be dressed down for work!

3 business chic giveaway

One lucky BusiChic will win this entire pack – will it be you?



Enter the giveaway:

Please tell me how can I improve Business Chic to better meet your needs?

Business Chic started life as a street style blog for professionals but has expanded to include style stories translating fashion trends for implementation in the office, career change stories (including my own!), reviews of networking events and interviews with business leaders. What would you like to see more or some of on the blog in 2015?

Answer via the comments below or if you 8-minutes, by taking part in the survey HERE. I’d be so grateful for your feedback!

Entries will be received until midnight (AEST) on Monday 22nd December, 2014 . Due to the size of this pack, entries are limited to those who can pick up the goods from me in Melbourne by January 9, 2015. Winner will be drawn at random and notified via email.

Good luck!


  1. I would love to learn more about translating fashion trends and career change stories are always inspiring.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I love street style but also have really enjoyed hearing inspiring career tales. I particularly like hearing about what women are achieving and the profiles you have done on successful women. I like to see what they are wearing but, importantly, what they are doing in their lives. I think it’s a powerful way to support women and normalise the success of women in all different spheres.

    It sounds like you have a lot in stall for next year. I would just say to be clear about how often and when you are posting. I like to check in on the page each weekday as a bit of a break/treat. Hence, I would like to know not to do so on certain days etc.

    Happy New Year,

  3. I’ve done the survey and I must say I absolutely love your blog Cheryl!
    Great job this year and it has been a pleasure to get to know you through your blog and to meet you in real life! I look forward to many more of your awesome posts in 2015!!!!!

    x Luci

  4. I would like more street-style, or even just more style inspiration in general.
    In addition, you could do a “suit a week” or something similar, which is a recommended piece of clothing and how to style it etc.

    • Hi Bec, thanks for this and it is definitely something I get asked about a lot. Like a follow up on the Little Black Dress Project showing you how to use what you might already have in your wardrobe as well as key pieces to update. Got it!

  5. I would like more street style stuff too. Agree with Sheri’s comment about a single post a week maybe, but with pics of different outfits. So if you went out snapping, you’d do a weekly roundup which I would think would take less time than doing individual posts 🙂

    • Thanks Esz, always great to hear from you !

      So I’d only need to post once a week? Would you agree then that it’d need to have at least 3 if not 7 looks to really hit the spot? Would you want to know where you could get similar outfits from? Would you want to know what industry/dresscode the looks work for? I will definitely have a think about it.

      • Hiya! Its about time I replied to this one too! I would say 3-7 would be good – 7 might be a lot but maybe up to 5 would be cool.
        Definitely would want to know which industry the look is for but details of how to find similar outfits would be superfluous. Though maybe other people would like that. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  6. Melanie Moran says

    I’ll be returning to work in 2015 and haven’t worked wearing corporate wear for over 5 years. All my old suits have gone to the Red Cross. I would love to see more basic, classical items that will last a few years, will look great walking down Collins St, but won’t cost me my entire first 2 months salary. Thanks heaps, love the Clarks shoes in your giveaway.

    • Thanks Melanie and welcome back to the office!

      I can tell you that I already have a series lined up on building the work wardrobe with options at different price points. I keep thinking of doing a survey to ask how much people think is reasonable to spend on their “first suit/staples” and then upkeep which means wardrobe updates and not to mention haircare, skincare and cosmetics. Phew! I remember reading somewhere that we should save 40% of our income and spend 60% of it on things like living expenses, entertainment and wardrobe. How much are we actually spending, I wonder?

      • Melanie Moran says

        I am scared to think how much I spent in the past!! My 2 favourite suits years ago both cost around $400 each on sale, one unfortunately wore poorly and I had to return it, and I learnt to look for better materials after that. The other one was a CR suit, which wore much better, probably because it was a wool blend?? I don’t mind spending much less on shirts for underneath as I know I will replace them much more frequently.

  7. I’d love to see more street style posts, even if it’s a weekly pictures only post to inspire…

    • Thanks for your entry, Sheri!

      By “weekly” do you mean “one street style picture a week” or one post a week full of street style pictures without any details of where you can buy similar items etc? 🙂

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