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I had a rather festive post planned for you today but have decided to postpone that to tomorrow in light of recent events in Sydney over the last 20 or so hours.

Yesterday at around 9.45am a lone gunman walked into the Lindt Cafe at Martin Place in Sydney and took staff and customers hostage for the next 16 hours. Staff who were working, customers who may have simply popped in for a coffee break. He had some of the hostages hold up a flag with arabic text which led to some bigots using social media to voice their ugly minds. Then one woman made a small but human gesture that turned into a social media hashtag, a display of unity and strength; and it all started with this story.

Ill ride with you

Image source: Instagram


Overnight we learnt that the siege was ended and that three lives were lost; one of which was the gunman. Such devastating news. Today our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the man and woman who lost their lives. We are so sorry for your loss.

That’s two people who won’t be going into work today and in honour of them, I hope that even the bigots will remember to be a little more human and realise that we are all on this ride together.


  1. I love that someone started this. It shows that there are good people out there after all, which is what we need in times like this. #illridewithyou

  2. What a tragic event.
    I am so sad for the people who lost their lives and for the families who have had to go through this horrific event.
    Such sad news!
    Let’s hope that people learn from this awful tragedy.

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