One thousand posts

A quietly festive post today as we clock in our 1000th post during the madness of the festive season!

A wise man by the name of Lau-tzu is credited with the saying, “a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

Well here we are at the 1000th post of BusinessChic!

busichic double cuff trench coat

I like to keep a statement cuff handy to dress up workwear for after work events. And what could be better than one statement cuff?

busichic double cuff

The double-statement cuff! Blinging up workwear and possible on any budget. I picked up these ones from Lovisa during a 3 for $10 promotion :0

Contrary to the images in this post, I did not start a blog to post photos of myself online. It started because I like seeing what other people wear to work. I think that most of us are pretty adept at dressing for out-of-hours, off-duty and the weekend. However dressing for work in a way that is professional as well as a true reflection of ourselves; that can be very tricky. So I hoped to build a resource that people could flick through to get ideas from on what to wear to work.

That’s 1000 posts featuring my street style photography featuring stylish workers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Tokyo, style stories and yes my own personal style and thoughts.

I’ve been meaning to do a reflective piece on the year that has been; it’s been a really big year for me personally.

Here are some things that I’ve been thinking about:

The hardest working items in my wardrobe were…Prints – worn clashed together! Sometimes it’s subtle other times it can get loud and it’s all inspired by something Marina Piche said when we interviewed her for episode 42 of the Melbourne in Fashion podcast. See TV stylists need to be careful with using prints as they can “strobe” on-screen. Well I’m not on TV so boy, have I been enjoying emboldening my workwear with all of the strobes prints (think fine stripes and gingham)!

This year, I’m proud that I… on a personal note – that I got to marry the love of my life surrounded by our family and friends. On a professional note, I’m proud of the feedback that I received through my freelance endeavours as a photographer, personal stylist and presenter.

I learnt that… I get by with lots of help from my friends. Thanks you guys!

In 2015 I plan to…  Get things done! There were a number of things in 2014 that for some reason or other didn’t quite get off the ground so I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learnt along the way to improve and launch things in a fresh new year!

If you have thoughts on how I can improve BusinessChic, please provide your feedback through this post and get yourself in the running to win some fine things!


  1. I love these shoes!!!! Where did you get them?

  2. Congratulations on 1000 posts! That incredible!
    I love your blog and it truly does give me inspiration for my work outfit or even ways I can adapt my wardrobe!
    keep up the incredible work.
    x Kirsty

  3. Cheryl!!!! Congratulations!!!
    What an achievement! 1000th post!!!!!

    Keep up the good work! May 2015 bring on 1001 great things your way xoxo

    x Luci

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