The Business Chic Man – Shibuya

The Autumn Menswear shows are currently taking place which reminded me of one of the most business chic men I know.

It can be difficult for men and I think particularly within the Australian context – to “dress up”. While local fashion options are getting better all the time, we do lag behind our Japanese counterparts. So it was great to catch up with a friend of Tim’s while we were in Japan for our honeymoon last year – inspiration for gents in workplaces that have a Contemporary Business Wear dresscode.

Business Chic Man Shibuya in navy jacket and grey pants 2

Yoichi works in a Finance role within the Fashion industry; here he wears an outfit sourced with pieces from local retailer United Arrows.

Flower button detail on navy check suit

Flower button detail on navy check suit – love this, I die.

playful cufflinks from Jeremy Street in London

An unexpected flash of fun – playful cufflinks from Jeremy Street in London.

United Arrows croc skin bag

Yoichi owns his manbag.

5 minutes with Yoichi

I have purchased most of the clothing from the shop called “United Arrows”. The shop sells many brands from all over the world for both casual and suiting. I like the paisley patterned tie, which stands out on a white shirt. I bought the cufflinks from a small shop in London located in one of arcades along Jeremy street.

Favourite places to eat- Shimokitazawa (5mins from Shibuya by train). The place is getting popular for tourists nowadays. I love small bars and restaurants located on narrow streets. The place is also popular for street fashions.
Favourite places to shop- It is very hard to pick as there are so many of them. Omodesando for shopping. There are nothing you cannot find around the area when it comes to shopping. There is also a museum (Nezu Museum) if you need a break from busy streets.

// Thanks Yoichi!

I hope those tips are useful for BusiChics planning travel to Japan. For more Japanese street style inspiration, click here. The series features a post showing 10 Trench Coats worn by Japanese women – I found it interesting that while there were lots of bravely sartorial men, there seemed to be less of this for professional women. Have you been to Japan? What did you think of the fashions on the street?


  1. He loves fab! Very natty.

  2. Now that’s what I call a snappy dresser!

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