My style: summer casual in pinstripe shorts

Oh boy have we had some wild weather in Melbourne this week!

Take Thursday for example when 32 degree sunny weather was broken with lashings of a fierce and heavy rainstorm that battered throughout the city; what did you wear to work if you were in on this day?? If your workplace doesn’t have air-con or you spend time outside during your commute to work, I’m sorry but my only tip for surviving the heat is to get to work really early before the sun really kicks into gear.

I feel like workplace dress codes should automatically become “Smart Casual” when the temperature goes past 30-degrees. While fashion has granted women in all codes the freedom to wear tops that don’t cling to the body – it’s a much tougher bet for the Corporate and Contemporary Business Wear/ Business Casual fellas who have to wear shirts. And blokes, if you are in a formal workplace do NOT ever wear linen shirts. At this point in time the fabric is still way too “holiday” to be taken seriously in the boardroom – feel free to provide me with examples if you find otherwise! Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s crazy that corporate offices are usually air-conditioned to icy conditions just so the fellas can be comfortable in their shirts – I know I was forever catching colds during summer! Hence why I think dresscodes should be Smart Casual when it’s really hot.

Structured no-cling summer tops are on my list of things to buy. In the meantime following on from yesterday’s post encouraging you to simplify and focus your wardrobe by culling what you have and keeping only the things that make you happy, here’s a look at an outfit featuring some of my such items:

summer casual lace zimmerman country road pinstripe shorts alpha60 shoes

Smart Casual for the summer heat in pinstripe shorts from Country Road (currently on sale down to $50!) while Zimmermann lace top, ALPHA60 heels and Nomadic bag keep things work-ish.

anna varendorff necklace

Sunglasses from the ClearIt outlet (3 for $10 people) because I have a past of breaking/losing sunnies. That said, I’d like some UV/polarised lens so would love your recs if you have come across any good styles! Georg Jensen earrings and necklace by Anna Varendorff gifted to me by my Melbourne in Fashion podcast co-host, Meagan Harding!

awc gift

I’ve been carrying around a spare change of shoes (bag was holding a pair of sandals at the time of this shoot) in this bag gifted to me by the stellar team at the Australian Writers’ Centre where I teach Blogging for Beginners!

Did you receive any Chrissy pressies that you’ll be wearing to work this year?



  1. Love your bag Cheryl – I always come unstuck when I’ve spent ages planning a work outfit and handbag and then I rush out the door in flats for the commute into Melbourne and don’t have a nice bag to carry my heels in!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous Cheryl!
    LOVE your top!!!

    x Luci

  3. Oh that’s a lovely, lovely top! And to pair it with pinstripe shorts too! How clever. Never thought of it; I’m going to have to dig into my wardrobe and see if I could pull off something like this. 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see what you find, Tine and have no doubt that you’ll pull this off! I am going through quite the phase of clashing prints and textures – I’m trying to get at least 3-4 in the one outfit – I’m on my way!

  4. My mum bought me a fantastic houndstooth check dress from H&M for Christmas which is perfect for this weather and just structured enough so it is work appropriate. I’d seen it Christmas shopping with her but didn’t want to brave the change rooms. She took a gamble on the size and happily, it fits perfectly!

    • Go mum! Houndstooth check is such a great classic print – do you think you’ll also be able to layer it when the weather cools? Starting with a cardi/blazer and then maybe a turtleneck in autumn?

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