Shoesday: Classic Work Shoe shapes

The good news is that to co-incide with most of us being back at work this week, some local brands are having back-to-work sales on their “corporate shoe offerings”.

There’s 25% off at Wittner while NineWest are offering an extra 20% off selected sale items.  It is a good time to pick up a classic work shoe style that will form the underpinnings of your work wardrobe. Look for leather that will provide some give for the movement of your feet and patent leather is an easy option for those of us who don’t make the time to polish our shoes!

The sad news for many of us is that the current interpretation of a “classic work shoe” however isn’t the most comfortable! Both Wittner and NineWest are only offering pointy toe variations – no round, almond or square toes at these popular high street  stores. I love the look of a pointy toe but they hurt me too much – can you work them?

ninewest austin pumps

A classic work shoe in patent leather with a pointy toe. On sale now at NineWest.

For those of you who can ably get around in a pointy toe – just make sure that the fit is not too narrow so that you can walk more naturally rather than tottering about Dolly Parton-style.

And in case you really, really need some comfy work shoes – the Cedar Grove style by Clarks Australia that I wrote about last year is on sale now too. Also check out local label Bared Footwear whose Bluebird style I’m keeping an eye on for sales 😉

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