Shoesday: sneaker back to work

Are you one of the folks I saw yesterday, shoulders slumped and heads down, dragging your feet back to work?

Well the problem could be your shoes. I don’t know about you but I used to find stereotypical corporate attire felt like pulling on the straight-jacket post the freedom of the summer holidays and few pieces can be as stifling as shoes. Feet that have become accustomed to running free and feeling the sand/surf/grass or slip-slapping about in sandals and slides must squish en-pointe in a point-toe shoe. And if yesterday is anything to go by, there are lots of ladies stagger-walking across concrete streets squishing feet into heels that are higher and narrower than what they’ve been wearing over the last few weeks.

So today’s Shoesday feature is on the sneaker because if there was ever a time you could argue that a suit and sneakers where chic, the moment is now. Sports luxe is still a fashion as we continue to work our bodies as hard as we work our minds- and naturally, want to do all of this in style. And there’s a health benefit! Wearing sneakers are usually better for feet than say some of the hangovers from yesteryear – beaten-up ballet flats that are so lacking in arch support that wearers just aren’t walking right – which will lead to back/shoulder/neck pain. Ouch! That’s not the way to start the year!

Nike Air Max Thea Black Trainers

The likes of the Nike Air Max Thea Black Trainers offer more foot support to help cushion your commute back to work.


Other styles:

In the past I’ve featured a number of BusiChics wearing sneakers to work – from the because-it’s-comfy to the style-statement-makers. If wearing a sports sock, try get an anklet version rather than one that cuts in above the ankle. Not only does it look less Melanie-Griffiths-a-la-Working-Girl; if you are wearing a skirt/dress, the latter may leave an imprint that takes a while to go away. One trick that I use is to wear a regular Happy Sock and fold the top back down so that the band goes across the arch of my foot and there is double the fabric across the heel – does that make sense? There’s a pic for you in that link if you need to see what that looks like.

There are so many different styles of sneaker so have fun with it. And just because ou could go white with a low-profile style by Converse, Dunlop Volley or Adidas. Sneaker not your style? Other flat alternatives include the man-style loafer which offers more foot support to the ballet flat. If you prefer to avoid changing your shoes, wider shoe styles that will help ease into work include (at the high end) Ferragamo which comes in a variety if widths, from time-to-time Camper and my personal favourite, ALPHA60. And if you are really keen to get your feet back into narrow shoes; get yourself a pedicure to help soften summer-weathered feet!


  1. Great tip for socks! I must admit to the Melanie Griffiths look for my daily commute, my bottom desk drawer would make Imelda Marcos blush with shoes spilling over. It’s just so much better for my feet to walk in sandshoes, but they’re not suitable for my conservative office environment. I like to wear my black sandshoes to match my more sober outfits and my hot pink asics if I’m wearing a more colourful look. Now I have a strategy for my socks, thanks!

    • Maz, I should have mentioned that I’m partial to keeping work shoes in my bottom drawer – particularly after a few instances where I’d walked/cycled into work then realised I’d left my work shoes behind at home! Love the sound of your strategy – it makes sense to me 🙂

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