Tom Riley & Frank of P.Johnson

Following on my list of my favourite podcasts which yes sneakily included my own, Melbourne in Fashion podcast, that I co-host with the awesome Meagan Harding, we’ve had some trouble uploading our latest episode!

Episode 52 will feature Tom Riley, Head Tailor at P.Johnson who spoke to me about how he and his team work to make suits relevant to Australian men in the corporate wardrobe but perhaps most interestingly; outside of that too. It ended up being a longer podcast (our podcasts usually run around for around 30minutes but this one went for a little longer) as there was a bit to cover but when you finally get to hear it, well I think it’s important that you get to meet Frank ahead of it!

tom riley of p johnson with frank

Tom Riley, Head Tailor at P.Johnson with Frank.

Frank is Tom’s three-year-old English Staffy who has been coming to work with Tom every day since he was born. He was named after an uncle of Tom’s who went missing in the Boxer Rebellion and has the kind of charmingly mischievous temperament that completely wins people over and kept us rather entertained during the recording of our podcast! I love the idea of working with pets but apparently there are also performance benefits; a 2012 study found that that ‘office dogs reduce work-related stress and increase productivity and co-operation.” So I asked Tom a few questions about working with Frank –

tom riley and frank the staffy

Tom on Frank’s work ethic: Pets are pretty counter productive at work, but the clients love him, they always ask where is he (usually sun baking), but he seems to have a strong sense of duty, Assisting in fittings by checking himself out in the mirror, lying on feet… He’s really busy. advice would be to not bring your dog to work (but the staff love him and he’s a great mood lifter, good for everyone’s sanity!).


Tom keeps an eye on Frank

Tom on what Frank’s allowed to bring to work: I don’t let him have toys at work because he wants to play with customers all the time if I do that (poor guy, coz he loves his toys, balls are his favourite, he found a rugby ball and a cricket ball in the park this morning so he thinks he’s top shit right now).

frank the staffy

Tom’s work as Head Tailor sees him travelling around the world in pursuit of the finest fabrics so what happens to Frank?: He stays with his ‘grandparents’ (my fiancée’s folks)… Which is think he likes more than us because he gets fed more and mollycoddled.

Tom Riley, Head Tailor at P.Johnson with Frank.

Tom Riley, Head Tailor at P.Johnson with Frank… who isn’t allowed toys at work but you may hear him playing with and running after a few in Episode 52 of the Melbourne in Fashion podcast – when we get it up and running again- sorry guys!

Tom wears Carlo Barbera twill suit in navy, unstructured (no chest piece or shoulder pad), a P.Johnson knit polo prototypes soon to be available and Miserocchi driving shoes.

Do you bring your pet to work? Drop me a line or send me pics, please cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au!


  1. Ack! I would LOVE to have Frank at my work. More dogs, I say! (And what a great first photo of him looking at the camera.)

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