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The Australian Open starts this Monday and is the Melbourne sporting event that I get into. One of the things that I love most about the Australian Open is the wide variety of dresscodes from the exuberant and wanton displays of national pride (flags worn around the shoulders, superman-style) in General Admission to the glamorous partners of players sitting courtside. So what do you wear if you are going to a corporate box or sitting in the VIP or Executive Area?

A brief overview of the Grand Slam tournaments and their respective dresscodes

The Australian Open is the first of the four tennis Grand Slam tournaments; the others being the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. The uniforms worn by court officials – umpires, lines people and ball kids – vary as much as the surfaces played in each country. Wimbledon – the oldest and most-established of the tournaments – is played on grass and has the most rules where players must wear all-white (some colour accents are allowed) and court officials wear the traditional colours of dark green and purple which designer Ralph Lauren has incorporated into uniforms since 2006. In Australia the ball kids wear Legionnaires caps in a hue that is reminiscent of our orange land.

Similarly for spectators Wimbledon is the strictest where no denim or flip flops are allowed and men must wear a blazer. Celebrities at Wimbledon in 2013 provide some of my favourite inspiration:

That’s not to say the Australians are completely devoid of decorum.

When not in GA with our mates, yes we dress for style but also for comfort as tennis matches can go for a very long time – the longest match at the 2012 Australian Open  was the final played by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal went for 5 hours and 53 minutes.

General rules of thumb

  • If you will be on camera, wear a suit and tie. It’s better to err on the side of formality; gents, you can lose the tie later.
  • Wear colours that flatter you. Happen to earn yourself a bit of colour of the summer break? Play up your tan by wearing white or hues of blue.
  • Consider wearing sensible shoes like a loafer or ballet flat rather than a high heel; it can take a fair bit of walking around Rod Laver to get to where you need to be.
  • Regardless of whether you are in GA or VIP, if you are heading to a day match wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses and a hat as there is nothing worse than getting sunburnt after a big day at the Open or sunstroke! If you are staying for the night games have a place to stash your sunnies- don’t wear sunglasses at night!
Country Road summer 2015

Country Road summer 2015


What not to wear: what the players are wearing.

uniqlo smart pants

Smart Pants and loafers- effortless styling at Uniqlo.

Many of the players are wearing outfits that are also available through retailers to purchase – keep those for your private play or when you head to the tennis on your time and on a General Admission ticket when wanton displays of fandom are most welcome! Do consider the sports luxe look or these streamlined looks from retailer Uniqlo who are also dressing players Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori which will also fit into your general Business Casual wardrobe.

While it’s relatively easy for blokes to wear suits, there’s a little more variety for women so let’s get to some inspiration for the BusiChic woman!

What they wore: Jelena Djokovic

The partner of number one seed Novak Djokovic is great inspiration for effortless court-side looks.

The shift dress

The blazer and in Oz and the US Open it’s ok to wear denim.

 Get dressed up: these are photos taken from a red carpet gala but are great inspo if the boys will be in smart suits and you feel like getting more dressed up for the VIP area.

Are you inspired? What will you be wearing to the tennis this year?


  1. Thanks for the Wonderful Article Busichic. 🙂

  2. This is an interesting article on what to wear to watch a tennis match from stadium. But I think we should wear what we are with comfortable.. 🙂

    • Hi Christiana,

      You are absolutely right – comfort should also take priority especially as some of these matches can go for a long time! The point of this piece is to help those who are invited to corporate boxes and the like and wish to dress up for the occasion. Cheers!

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