My style: Pastel and prints

As much as I can appreciate the cleanliness of a minimal palette, my natural inclination is to wear print and quite frankly; the more the merrier!

break the rules street art

busichic pastel print street art

I missed out on showing the heel of my shoes which are striped meaning that I’ve at least three different prints and five different colours in this outfit.  A waitress complimented me on this Smart Casual outfit saying, “I love your outfit. It’s something that other people can’t wear but you pull it off.” I have to disagree! I think that anyone can wear pile on the prints if they so wish. Do it to your heart’s content and if you feel like you need to tone things down, incorporate plainer pieces like I have to tone the look down a little and bring it all together.

BusiChic liberty print shirt

I’ve layered a buttoned-up print shirt under a plain top to rein in the look just a little.

I’m wearing: a J.Crew Liberty print shirt, ASOS baby pink top, Gorman sky blue belt, ALPHA60 pants I scored from one of Meagan Harding’s wardrobe culls and had tailored (ok shortened) to fit me, ALPHA60 heels and Pigeonhole bag.

So there you have it, a Smart Casual Friday outfit that makes me feel happier and isn’t it a nice thing when workwear can do that?

Do you clash prints? What are some favourite combinations for you?

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