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My friends often have to hear about how much I (or should I saw “we”?) really REALLY love our car. We’re practically a walking ad as we are VERY happy to tell you how much we love the Renault we bought last year. So you can imagine how my interest was piqued when I heard that the maker Renault has a new car out TODAY!

Renault_Captur 311

Thanks to our friends at Soda Communications I attended the launch of the new Renault Captur.

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My friend Katie is on the market for a stylish ride so I thought she simply had to come along with me to check out the new Captur. Katie wears Scanlan & Theodore (reminding me of my piece on their milano knitwear) and I’m wearing a top by local label APOM, Vivacita jacket that I purchased from Swoon Boutique, Country Road skirt and Bared Footwear boots.


What to wear when you’re testing out a car

When researching a vehicle it’s important that you get to give it a test-run. So what do you wear when you get the chance to test out a car?

  1. Dress for how you want to move. If I was testing out a car on the weekend; I’d wear jeans with some stretch in them so that I could easily hop in and hop out. However cars need to fit in with your lifestyle so it makes sense to wear *what you normally wear*. To that end Katie and I headed in straight after work and as it was THE launch of the car, we wanted to look a little spiffy too. Sure we could have worn pants but I felt dressier in a skirt and there’s a heap of stretch in the ponte skirt I wore, so I was comfortable hopping in and out of the cars.
  2. Clean your shoes. When trying out brand new cars they are so shiny and clean that you want to be respectful and not mess them up. To that end the boots I was wearing were still a little dusty from last week’s visit to the Royal Croquet Club so I found myself wishing that I’d given them the wipe-down beforehand. So my little oversight becomes a tip for you!

Renault_Captur 074

Renault_Captur 083

Renault_Captur 234

Radio personality Jo Stanley introduced us to the new Renault Captur!

Renault_Captur 190

The team from Renault Australia.

Renault_Captur 100

Renault staff in the spirit with matching shoes and fluoro laces!

Renault_Captur 162

Renault_Captur 098

Renault_Captur 149

The girls from I Scream Nails were on hand to give us celebratory manis!

Renault_Captur 151

Katie getting a mani!

Renault_Captur 130

Guests were treated to a beautiful dinner catered by Big Kitchen Events and beautiful floral settings by Poppy Culture.

The Renault Captur: a compact and stylish crossover

And for the car itself? The Captur is kind of a hybrid between the more compact CLiO and sporty Koleos with features like good fuel efficiency, impressively adjustable boot space and interchangeable seat covers – perfect for those of us who live in our vehicles and have the odd spill! On an environmental note the Captur has good fuel efficiency and was manufactured at Renault’s Vlladolid plan in Spain where particularly close attention is paid to product quality and environmental impact; “up to 16% of plastics used in Captur’s production are sourced from recycling” while retaining a rather luxe feel.

The cars also come in some fabulous colours and even two-toned bodywork as Renault hope to contribute to the look of our roads and streets with their vibrant hues. For more details, visit the site.

Renault_Captur 042

Checking out the new Renault Captur that arrives in Australia on February 6th, 2015 from a RRP of $22,990.

Renault_Captur 050 (1)


  1. Ooh the Captur looks incredibly chic.
    We’re already talking about the need for a family car when the time comes, and the Captur looks like it could be a serious contender!

    • Hollie- and it’s so hard to find a stylish family car!! The removable seat covers are so clever – not only for little spewy ones but also big spilly ones like me!

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